The world is a bitter place. Or so I keep hearing. I will never fully understand the ways of the world. A world where humans reside but not humanity, a world where innocence has no place. Sipping my early morning coffee and glancing at the newspaper, I expect nothing but reports on rape crimes, honor killings, religious terrorism and all sorts of other things that should make your blood boil. Sadly though, that has ceased to happen. These stories now fail to stir any sort of emotion in me and I guarantee that most people feel the same way.


The Nirbhaya case brought millions of disconnected people together. People busy in their own walks of life came together for a noble cause. Millions gathered on the roads throughout the country, protesting against the brutal crimes. Then, there have been several other incidences where I found the inherent selfishness of mankind subsiding to give way to a more compassionate nature. Though that seems like a glimmer of hope, a ray of light in the endless alley of darkness, it is but temporary.


As time flies with its rosy wings, people blissfully forget everything and carry on with their robotic lives. The thousands of other Nirbhayas stay buried in yesterday’s newspapers and we, having finished our cup of coffee run again to meet yet another deadline.

Famous philosophers like Aristotle and Hobbes have explicitly stated in their work that the inherent nature of human beings is selfish. Even with the bleak opinion that these people held of mankind, they probably would be turning in their graves if they saw the world today. They could not have possibly thought of a world that would be selfish to an extent where the ‘humans’ from human beings has completely vanished.


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Religious Crimes

People waste their precious lives fighting for the cause of a religion. Religion which is supposed to be a stairway to heaven has become a tool in the hands of fanatics to spread terror and make the lives of innocent people, a living hell. While religious wars have been coming down through the ages, it has never before been organized or orchestrated on a global scale. Dante’s purgatory is probably less menacing than the current situation of the world. If people don’t hesitate to brutally murder an infant, take away a crying baby from a mother’s lap or rape a little girl or even a helpless old lady, how much worse could hell be? “Where do we go from here?” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Perhaps I am too cynical. Perhaps, there still exists hope for salvaging humanity. But a dip in the Ganges sure isn’t going to help in that endeavor. It might just give you a few skin diseases if you aren’t careful though (let’s not forget the actual cleanliness of apparently the purest river).

So what is it that we should do? I do not have the answer to that. For my part, all I can try to do is be more tolerant. Forget religion, forget gender, forget sexual orientation and all other shackles that restrain you from respecting human beings for just being HUMAN.

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