Can I be you? She asked the painting hanging on the wall

No, the painting politely replied

For I am lifeless and you full of life.

She then saw a bride all dressed in red bright

She posed the question again, to which the reply came

I am entering into an alliance for a lifetime

You are free, why would you want to be in a position like me?


She then went to the beautiful nightingale,

Who sang her song of love and rain

She asked if she could be her, to which she replied

She was just a bird in a cage,

Who sang for her master and that was her fate


Disappointed she went near the lake and sobbed holding her distorted face

There came a passerby who gently tapped her and asked her why?

She raised her head to show him her face,

He did not flee and nor seemed afraid

He lifted his robe to show her his legs

War had taken away the bones and skin

A pair of iron cast stood there instead

He asked her plainly – can I be you?

She quivered a moment….. Guess she now understood.

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