My mother often told me to open my heart for the world

For there are beautiful jewels awaiting to be held

Cultures and traditions that I would want to make my own

People and places, I may not want to forgo

Religions and communities, how many so fine

Shrines and mosques spiritually combine

I started out alone with the door to my heart ajar

Beginning to think of the world in likeliness of teachings past

I was amazed at what I saw

People and places, cultures and traditions

All tied with strings of warmth and affection

Each shared and borrowed something from the other

Different but yet together

Nothing seemed to bother their unanimity

Until an exploding bomb killed humanity

Flesh against flesh, blood against blood

Brothers in skin had become rivals

So, I set out once again on a journey alone

In pen and ink I ask you to show –

The path for our future generations to follow

Open your heart for one and all, let humanity this time not fall.

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