Known as ‘Madrasis’ all over the world, South Indians have had a long battle of explaining identities but alas “North Indians” never get it. Hahahaha. Incidentally, South India is the land where the first Idly, Vada and Dosa were born to the madrasis chefs. So don’t forget to be nice to your South Indian friend as the repercussion of that behavior is a mouthwatering delicacy!

Available 24×7

The humble idly vada is a staple on the breakfast menu in the southern parts of India, specially Tamil Nadu. What’s interesting is, this dish is available not just in the wee hours of the morning like 4 am but also late in to the night like 11 pm. Also, it’s the street vendors who sell the yummiest idly with a delectable sambhar and chutney.

No Google Search is needed for Idly in Chennai

If you’re in Tamil Nadu, say in a city like Chennai, how do you figure out where they sell Idly? It’s quite easy, just locate a handcart with steam that comes out of an aluminum steamer. Most handcarts in Chennai are really old businesses that have been handed down through the generations and have the same taste. The idlis available are soft and melt like butter whereas the vadas are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside! Chennai or any other small town and village in Tamil Nadu is home to these tiny hand carts that sell these delicacies.

Wide span of the conqueror

If you’re in Hyderabad, don’t miss out on visiting ‘Chutneys’! This restaurant is known in and around the city for there butter idlis and a variety of other idlis. Their most popular dishes are the butter idlis and their position idlis. Besides, the great idlis, this joint serves up a variety of chutney staying true to it’s name! The green mint chutney and the garlic chutney are a match made in heaven with both your idly and vada. So if in Hyderabad don’t miss out on this place. It can easily be located on your Google maps as it has many branches through the city.

Idly n Chutneys Hyderabad

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Reach out for these idly joints in Chennai

When in the city of Chennai, keep your eyes out for the popular chain ‘Murugan Idly Kadai’. This must go ­to place had humble beginnings as a push cart business! It took off in a massive way because one of the sons had a good sense of entrepreneurship who decided on getting a restaurant. What started as just one small restaurant went on to have at least 5 branches over the city. Each of these branch serve the same food with the same age old taste.

The idlis here are served with ghee or butter based on your choice. They are also accompanied by various ‘podis’ and chutneys along with mouthwatering sambhar. The place is jam packed for breakfast on all days. Not surprisingly enough since South Indians love their idlis even for dinner. You will find a line outside their joints which is why it’s best to be their early.

Murugan Idly Kadai

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So don’t forget, even though you have weird nicknames for South Indians, you can’t do without their hot Idly and crispy wada! Bon Appetit!

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