Cricket being the most popularized and followed sport in India, is pursued by several young athletes who one day aspire to represent their country on the world stage. Some individuals often refer to the sport as a religion and every religion must have a God and in the game of cricket, it was none other than Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar is often referred to as the ‘God of Cricket’ and holds almost every record in the game. There is not a single Indian who is not familiar with his name or his achievements. Since, every game has a distinguished figure, it is safe to say the one who holds the throne in the game of tennis, is none other than the Swiss, Roger Federer.

Roger Federer

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Displaying a combination of accuracy and grace in his method of playing, Roger Federer is no stranger to creating frequent moments of magic on the court. His shots leave people in awe to witness such historical events. He is often referred to as the ‘God of Tennis’ or “Greatest of all Times – GOAT”.

How did Federer become GOAT

His reign on the game began before many of the current day players had even begun playing! Federer’s sheer dominance on the court is beyond words. He is familiar with every accolade related to tennis and has probably won them more than once. He is the only player to have won 17 Grand Slam titles which is more than any other professional in tennis. Roger Federer has won 5 straight Wimbledon titles and has more or less cemented his position amongst the top contenders in the sport making him being referred to as GOAT – Greatest of All Times.


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Unlike other tennis players, who tend to crumble under pressure, Federer feeds off this energy. In all his games Federer grows stronger whilst the game is being played and adapts to the situation. He is one of the few players who does not rely on brute strength to achieve his goal but instead applies technicality and grace which is difficult to comprehend by his opposition. He is able to do so because of this ingrained knowledge of the game and years of relentless practice.

Millions of Fan Following

His elegant and humble personality has enabled him to acquire millions of fans all over the world. Roger Federer has always managed to remain humble in victory and graceful in defeat. His calm composure and controversy free career makes him one of the most loved sportsman in the world.

He is in fact the complete package; be it about playing mind blowing tennis or setting an example of being a good human being. He has set up several schools for underprivileged kids and also finds time to do other social/charity events.

It is indeed difficult to put Roger Federer’s ability on the tennis court into words. If a person is specifically made for a sport, then it is Roger Federer for tennis. There can be another Nadal, another Djokovic and also another Murray, but there will never be another Federer.

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