Shahrukh Khan is an actor who performs in every movie with such style and elegance that you cannot help but fall in love with him. As every famous actor, he too has a cult following. And then there is Harry Potter, a fictional character brought to life by the equally amazing Daniel Radcliffe. Never in your wildest dreams would you have brought together these two worlds. But we did! Here is what happens when Bollywood and Hollywood collide, and Shahrukh Khan plays the character of Harry Potter.

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Shahrukh Khan And The Art Of Romance

If Shahrukh Khan played Harry Potter, Harry and Ginny’s love story would not have taken so long to come to fruition. In the books and movies, it evolved over time.  The plotline would have changed dramatically if King Khan was in the movie. Their love would blossom from the moment Ginny set foot in Hogwarts. Instead of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we would have been treated to Harry Potter and The Random Hut In Europe. Of course, we would have expected some latkas and jhatkas from both of them, with Ron as the big brother who is opposed to the match. Some things never change. Remember DDLJ?

Harry aka SRK’s blossoming romance with Ginny would be filled with his favorite pose. Obviously.

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How can you not fall in love? Ginny quite possibly wouldn’t have waited till the sixth movie to kiss Harry after seeing this.

Fight Sequences

If Shahrukh Khan played Harry Potter, the Battle of Hogwarts would have been a one-man show. The duel between Voldemort and Harry would have been the only thing shown in the eighth movie. SRK would have shown some gravity defying stunts, with a wand in hand obviously. Voldemort would be the quintessential bad guy clad in black from head to toe (not a robe, but a black shirt with open buttons till the navel) and a red tilak on his forehead.

How To Be The Hero

If Shahrukh Khan played Harry Potter, he would go around saving everyone in the Triwizard Tournament instead of doing the actual tasks. He’d still get full points after each task, though. Harry aka SRK would make sure everyone was safe. Remember that scene where Harry comes back to life after Voldemort thinks he’s dead? Well, SRK would do it with much more flair and panache. He probably would have announced his resurrection with something like this: “Main zinda hu, Voldemort.

The white shirt or ganji would have definitely come off, with a full on view of his abs. How is a fight sequence ever complete without a let-me-shed-all-my-clothes moment? Daniel Radcliffe, take a hint.

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So what do you say? Daniel Radcliffe or Shahrukh Khan? Both of them have their set of loyal fans who would watch every movie they act in. But a little Bollywood flair in the Harry Potter movies wouldn’t hurt too much.

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