Young students who come amongst toppers, these days aspire to be an established entrepreneurs or business tycoons. They want educational degrees from Oxford or Harvard University. Least do they realize that this causes brain drain in the home country but everyone is not the same. A young fervent girl hailing from down south has made our city proud by becoming a topper in non medical with 92.2% in ISC boards this year. Those bright sparkling eyes of Shiji Merin Shaji are full of confidence and dreams to win over the escapades of life.

Shiji Merin Shaji

She finds knowledge to be the best endowment that one can possess. “For me it’s impossible to live without constructive ideas. I keep on looking for more and more. There’s no end to it”, confided Shiji.

Shiji Merin Shaji has a story to tell

Daughter of an LIC agent, Shiji carries a very distinctive vision of becoming a civil servant to equip socially and economically backward people stand head strong. It’s a no surprise that she’s an avid newspaper reader who keeps herself on the toes with the events and finds great pleasure in solving Sudoku.

Her proud parents are pinning high hopes on her.

“This achievement is a past affair now. I had my fare of celebration. Now it’s time to move on to the next chapter and I’m optimistic to come up with my family’s expectations once again”, says Shiji gleefully.

 In next ten years she finds herself as a civil servant authorized to bring constructive changes in the lives of righteous and serve the country with integrity and truthfulness. For her it’s payback time.

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Who else is making news?

Just like Shiji Merin Shaji there is someone else who is making us proud. We are talking about none other than Ishu Bhardwaj. Being a gold medallist in MSc. Mathematics from B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology did not come easy. Though feisty by nature, Ishu had her share of setbacks. Death of her best friend and her brother made it challenging for her. But just like Shiji Merin Shaji, Ishu too was determined to succeed.

Ishu’s brother always used to address her as Afsar Bitiya and that kept the flame of being a civil servant ignited in her.

“I had this keen desire to empower girls with education since very beginning and realised that I could do that only after having a position of authority and command. Since then I am determined to be a civil servant and my brother had been the impetus which kept me going and now I want to achieve that position for him”, shares Ishu Bhardwaj.

Isha Bharadwaj

She credits her success to her ever supporting family and calls her friends a blessing. Ishu is determined and has taken the road that requires feat. Her achievement doesn’t end here. “We fell short of resources but my parents didn’t let situation take toll on my future. There are so many children living in worse condition with dreams in eyes but end up having miserable lives. I want to be their guide to their destination”, assures Ishu Bhardwaj.

Apart from being a gold medalist, she also successfully bagged 100% scholarship to go ahead with doctorate degree. As of now, she is all set to appear for the prestigious UPSC exams.

With such young blood in our country our future generation is definitely secured and will be in good hands.

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