Growing up is a trap and adulting sucks. We have all heard that before. And as some of us approach mid to late 20’s, we are realizing that these are words of wisdom and 110% true. Do you feel yourself turning into an adult? Are you scared? Have you finally realized your coffee addiction has gone too far and that’s bad but you don’t know what to do? Do you prefer Whiskey to Vodka shots? Congratulations and welcome to adulthood. You are not alone.

Growing Up And Losing Sleep

Remember back in those good old school/college days when you slept for 12 hours straight? Yeah, not anymore. If you try to sleep for more than 8-9 hours on a Sunday morning, you will wake up with a headache. And even your strongest cup of coffee won’t cure it. Thought you could get away with uninterrupted sleep? There will be someone to wake you up via phone or in-person. Because which 28-year old sleeps till noon yaar?

Party Scenes

One of the most important things to look at in this reality check report is how your party behavior changes. Gone are the days when four shots would push you to the dance floor and you’d wave your arms around like you just didn’t care. Forget about taking those five tequila shots because you might as well drag a mattress to the club and fall asleep right there. Growing up does that to all of us.

Growing Up

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It is quite possible that you might have put your liver through so much in college that it now flat out refuses to process such copious amounts of alcohol. And well, you learn your lesson and stop partying hard like a 21-year-old. And unfortunately, for today’s cool kids, the amount of alcohol you consume is directly proportional to how hard you can party.

When Your Stomach Tells You To Please Stop

There are times when your stomach grumbles and you NEED to eat the pani puri the guy at the corner makes. So you give in to the intense craving and eat not two, but three platefuls. Your punishment will be delivered the following morning. Growing up means that your stomach is extra sensitive, and you have to tiptoe around it. That pani puri you are? That was a freaking band playing at the wedding. You better have that churan ready on hand or you’ll spend the rest of the next day in the loo. It’s funny how growing up means you have to make these tiny sacrifices to stop internal nuclear explosions.

Growing Up

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The New Meaning Of Socializing

Add dinner parties to your vocabulary list and permanently delete house parties. Even though there will always be that friend who behaves like he or she is still in college, you will avoid every kind of invitation (Whatsapp, Facebook or Phone call) like the plague. You will never admit to this, but when you reach your late 20s, you would much rather have friends come over to your place and have a good conversation than go out and have conversations where you can’t hear a thing. Hey, growing up is all about these big changes, we’re telling you.

Growing Up

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On a more serious note, our priorities change during the process of growing up. From college to your first job to buying your first automobile, the different stages you go through make you a different person. We might not admit to it, but growing up has its own set of perks. Such as the completely acceptable fact that an adult can drink an entire bottle of wine without judgment.

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