Whether or not small towns gel with the idea of Shopping Malls:

Generally speaking, the pictorial, cozy and indulging small towns in India are pretty reluctant to budge from monotony. Nevertheless, they are always a welcome release from the big city blues. But then, there are investors looking to modernize the tier-1/ tier-2 small towns. That is by inundating them with shopping malls, pubs and night clubs, as because bigger shopping malls set the parameter for bigger cities. Some Small towns received the said treatment. Seemingly, nature and luxury are still on balance there. What more could we have asked for?

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Do small town deserve shopping malls?

The long echoing concern among people, who look at the small towns with disdain, will be nailed here. If we are talking business here, we mustn’t forget the potential demand in small towns.  As a matter of fact, the real estate developers count them as the most viable places to give a start. People also reciprocate as it sure gives a spike in the lifestyle.  Tell you what, malls in smaller cities will be better business generators if there are proper zoning and of course proper designing contemplated.

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Why metros are amid a losing streak?

Time metros should start whining that they lose mall business to smaller cities. Not to mention, the developers are showing inclination for small towns for greater good. Find out why-

  • Malls saturate the metros with completion. They even cram the narrow streets of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. This makes no sense for a new one there.
  • Comparatively, the land prices are grounded in smaller cities which guarantee bigger returns.
  • People in smaller cities have bigger cash at their disposal judging by the lower cost of living. Also, malls are more than shopping junctions to them but a weekend recreation hotspot altogether.

Bottlenecks that keep developers from raising malls in smaller cities:

  • Smaller cities have porous infrastructure. That are, frequent power cuts and disorderly roads. This revs up the maintenance cost for running the malls.
  • The government is less likely to render a clean-chit soon. This stance mothballs the project for years.
  • Another pestering concern is the lack of potential workers in small town areas. While the malls are the pride of a random citizen in small town, their lifestyle goals are at stake because of the unavailability of labors.

Correspondingly, the gigantic wave of expansion that the malls had in recent years gave small shop owners cold feet. They had so far been the all-in-all and bang came the malls vowing to change the way India shops. Amid the mounting profits, the malls see the small retailers slowly melt off the vision. May be small towns deserve the shopping malls, very well so, but why not rehabilitate the smaller bazaars as well? Least do we care, because in the history of revolution the big stood erect at the small’s expense.

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