Some people love to bull shit on social media creating Audio Visual Toxins. While some are fabulously interesting even if they are bull shitting; most do not know how to keep their mouths shut! No it is not exactly the case that whatever they talk is crap, issue is we just don’t want to hear anything coming from them because we do not idolize them.

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Challenge of being able to stay quiet

The ones who are loved never have to create an audience; they have it ready wherever they go. However the problem is from the ones whom nobody wants to listen to. Someway or the other they find an avenue to vent out; forcibly making an audience.

Corporate seniority or seniority in age is no licence for anybody to start the blabber. Please evaluate your identity in the eyes of your audience whom you are about to address. If there was a free-will would they still be around to listen to you? Are they your true audience or is it a sheer outcome of circumstances that you are at the dais and they are at the receiving end?

I do not have a problem with people who lack confidence and struggle to talk. Bringing in confidence to talk is relatively easy as compared to draining out over confidence to shut them up. It is an easy analogy to weight gain vis-a-vis weight loss.

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Pressure of being nice to everyone

Then arrives a moment when people change their route to avoid the “bump across” moment. But these days bump across is not as big a possibility as is seeing a “friend request” on your social media accounts.

Social media allows you to stay connected with the people you WANT to be in touch and not the ones with whom you HAVE to be in touch.

Do you really love reading all the crap which everybody posts? If you don’t then why are you keeping in touch with them on that platform? Afterall, no society law says that you will be considered a law abiding citizen only if you have scores of friends on social media platforms.

It is important to filter your choices and share your lives only with the true well-wishers. What kind of frenzy habit is that to keep adding more and more people to your friend list without any rhyme or reason? Eventually they will write crap and you will be at the listening end or readimg’ end. You CHOSE to do so!! Why??? Is the question!

The less audio-visual toxins you create for yourself the nicer your brain will be to you. Trust me on this!

Spam on Social MediaSocial Media

Over the past few months there has been an insane amount of rise in the number of spam messages getting created and circulated through all available streams of transmission. In fact, what I got to know is that security services have started to test the speed of their reach when time demands to send mass messages, by creating spams and checking how many readers it has reached to and in what time!! (Well, this itself could be another spam. BEWARE!)

Holy Christ! God save the nation from those lotus pod photo-shopped images claiming to be some mysterious disease and the chain mails which claim to kill people if messages are not forwarded. Really? Do these things convince you? Are people at their wits’ end? Do they forget that there cannot be a mass mysterious disease or weight loss pill known only on the internet whereas otherwise in news channels and newspapers it goes unreported!

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Stop Encouraging Spams

If anybody wants to do good to the society then please spare a thought on how can you actually make a difference. Stop forcing your thoughts ideas and blabbers on others. No Facebook has better job to do, it does not pay even a penny to that cancer patient or to the suffering infant if you like or share the post. Mercy! Stop spamming!! Save that voice that effort of mass sms and that “I demand attention” attitude. Keep it reserved for those moments when it would actually be the need of the hour.

Silence is precious. We pay several thousands and lakhs of Rupees to find a tourist destination which is silent and away from city life and connectivity. Gift yourself and people around you this precious thing called – silence, to start with. Talk less, spread less rumours, stop making opinions and bury that habit of giving unsolicited advice. Live in peace and let each one be the master of their own lives.

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