One of the biggest fashion trends at the moment is a statement necklace. Unlike most trends, this one is nowhere close to going out of style. In fact, with every passing day, one is more and more likely to find newer and more stylish designs. There is a statement necklace for every occasion and every outfit if you are patient enough to look for it. Here are a few trendy necklaces spanning a wide range of styles and colors.

1. The Double Crystal

This is a beautiful necklace with two different colored and shaped crystals. It goes perfectly with a peach or baby pink sweater or top.

2. Pearl Pride

This pearl beauty is simple and elegant, with antique looking golden likes a pop of color with the blue thread. It looks classy when worn with a red or maroon dress.


3. Sunshine

This golden, yellow and crystal necklace is bright like sunshine. Pair it with an Indian print shirt, skinny jeans and a bright lip color to complete your look.

4. Threads and Swords

Classy and bold, this necklace is very different because of its simple design. The simple black thread is weaved around tiny metal swords (which will make you feel like a warrior). Pair this with a traditional Indian print dress for a casual dinner.

5. Traditionalist

This multicolored beauty deserves to be the star of every outfit, with cloth, golden links and colorful beads. A simple black sweater, with animal print leggings along with this necklace is a perfect weekend outfit.

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