6. Neon Love

Neon has never gone out of style. Pair this neon blue necklace, with hints of green, with a cream top and faded skinny jeans for an understated but stylish look.

7. Set Me Free

This dainty little thing is perfect for everyday wear. The combination of neon, crystal and golden links is quite simple, yet beautiful. Spruce up a regular t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit with this necklace.

8. Red Sensation

The pop of color in this beautiful necklace is just the thing to wear with a denim shirt, jeans and a bright red lip color. It has a floral and dainty design, which looks great with a variety of outfits.

9. Scraps and Chains

Winter is right around the corner. If you need to brighten your winter outfits, this chain and cloth necklace is just the thing. It is slightly heavier than it looks, but when worn, it will make you shine.

10. Golden Globe

This is the perfect necklace to wear with your little black dress. The golden crystals are highlighted with only the black cord for support. Pair it with a simple black lace dress and golden heels for a dazzling party outfit.

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