How to Stop Animal Abuse

Everyday in India, animals are beaten, left to starve or just abandoned. We have a different set of laws for all animal abusers. There are even NGOs working on the betterment of abused animals and the prevention of abuse. Animal abuse is not just cruelty towards an animal but it is also neglect that disrupts an animal’s being. Have you ever seen your neighbor keep his dog caged all the time? Ever read about puppies being dumped in the gutter? Cats being stranded because they’re old? Not just pets, any animal can be victims of animal cruelty. It is our responsibility to stand up for these creatures that don’t have a voice. After all, if we don’t then who will?

Recognize the abuse

Initially, if you find that things seem fishy then observe the abuse. It maybe in any form. If the animal, if a pet, is provided with no shelter, no food, negligible amount of water, isn’t groomed then these are obvious signs of neglect. If you notice all this, then before impulsively confronting the owner, try talking to them and if that fails, take pictures of the neglect.
In cases of physical abuse, it is plenty evident. Choking of animals, setting their tails on fire, giving electrical shocks, beating and any other sort of physical cruelty is faced by a lot of animals. Sure this would make you too angry and disturbed but stay calm and take pictures. No law is going to take action based on what you have seen, always have visual evidence.

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Report the Abuse

Before reporting any kind of abuse, be sure of the situation. Go to the nearest animal control or any animal shelter that you know of and report the abuse. Show them all the evidence and feed them proper information. Never take the law in your hands! If you try to save a pet yourself, not only will this prove to be unsafe but this wouldn’t stop the abuser from getting another pet. When there is a threat of punishment, the abuser will be under fear and wouldn’t take another hideous step.

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Help in the prevention of Abuse

Once you have witnessed a disturbing situation like that, it is likely to be disturbed about this. If only witnessing such a situation makes us feel like this then imagine the plight of the victim. Thus, try to spread awareness about the prevention of abuse. If you notice that someone got a pet, give them a present in the form of treats, pet care book which has information about spaying/neutering, vaccination books etc. not only is this a humble gesture but it may even educate a person about the well-being of the pet. Not only this, there are many organizations like PETA who have regular initiatives which work in the favor of pets. Sign as many as you can and help in strengthening the cause in your own minimalist ways. Let others know about the same.

Please don’t feel helpless when you see an animal being abused now. Your one call is efficient enough to save an animal’s life!

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