No matter how successful or futile a person is, or how advanced or backward an economy may be, they are so established on a set of customs, beliefs and habits. Apart from their positive or negative aspects, there are certain abnormalities which define them. One such abnormality is superstition. Superstitions are mere misconceptions born out of blind faith and coincidental happenings based on weird events. Let’s delve into some of the ‘hard to digest’ fictitious beliefs:

  • If a black cat crosses the road, it could bring bad luck. In this situation, it is recommended to stop for a while and then proceed, or even go back and restart the journey.
  • We cross fingers when in doubt, expressing support or wishing for good luck. Traced back to pre-Christian times, this gesture denotes unity.


  • Friday and that too on the 13th day of any month is considered inauspicious. This wary combination of day and date is said to raise the fear and stress levels within people. One of the reasons behind this suspicion is the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday.
  • Even the best of sportsmen adhere to superstitions. Since childhood, every time Sachin Tendulkar went out to bat, he wore his left pad first before slipping in the right one. Bjorn Borg never shaved and wore the same shirt while playing in Wimbledon. Though quirky, these habits brought good luck and confidence to them.


  • When lizard falls on someone’s head, it could be either favorable or unfavorable. Astrologers can predict future by the position in which the lizard falls. If a lizard falls on the right hand side of a man then it is considered auspicious and if it falls on the left hand side then it is a bad omen. But, for women, it is the opposite.
  • In India, we often see lemon and green chilies tied to a thread and hung outside the door.It is so done to keep away bad luck or Alakshmi, who is the sister of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity. Alakshmi brings poverty and misery.


  • Howling of a dog in the night is believed to be a sign of death or misfortune. Pity on that, as the poor animal might be struggling in cold and desperately looking for a shelter.
  • Itching of the right palm is said to bring in money while that of the left is not so lucky. Again, twitching of the left eye is a good sign, while that of the right is an unpromising one. Despite having medical causes behind them, we believe in such utopian thoughts.


  • There are several superstitions associated with sneezing at any point in time in many cultures. While in Japan sneezing is equivalent to praising, if someone sneezes in India before starting any work, it is considered to be unlucky.
  • Eating curd before examinations is a common practice in India; for that matter, eating curd before doing anything important is auspicious. Curd has a calming effect and helps in avoiding stress.


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