When you are called “jigglypuff” by your boyfriend, you genuinely wonder if this means that you put him to sleep. But no, it turns out that he finds you cute and melodious! Phew! So, why do couples have these cheesy, funny endearment terms for each other? Rather than being an idle question, this concept has actually been considered as a serious subject for anthropological research. Anthropologists believe that relationships are a mini-culture of their own with rules and rituals. On studying the important of endearment names, this is what they found:

Unique Identity with Endearment

endearment names used by couples are usually unique to the relationship and are not used by other people in the couple’s life. This creates a unique identity for the person in the relationship. So, while I maybe Mary to everyone else, I’m mizzeproo only to one person. This helps to strengthen the bond of the couple and creates a high value for the relationship among the many other people in the couple’s life.

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A secret the two share

Endearment names usually have their source in an intimate or funny moment shared by the couples. This is a good way of creating a secret shared by only two people. This creates a sort of distinction – a sort of wall that separates the couple from their world, maintaining their unique bubble which keeps the love warm and flowing.

Humour as a strategy

Endearment names may be many, and at least one is a funny one. Couples who can laugh at each other and themselves generally last longer and happier. Some research suggests that 76% of the couples who use endearment names are much more likely to continue being in a relationship – and be happy, compared to those who don’t! It’s true – humour is the best medicine even for relationships.

To diffuse fights

In fact, endearment names can actually melt your partner in the midst of a fight. It can remove their anger, and it can remind them of the cosy moments. This is actually a good way to diffuse fights and get your partner to a point where a gentle apology or discussion can issue. In fact, most couples admit that when they use the actual name of their partner, it’s because they are angry at them – there you go! A good sign to look out for when your partner calls you by your actual name and not your endearment name!

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Think you have the craziest endearment name for your partner? Think again! Here are some really weird and whacky endearment names!

moya golubushka – this means ‘my little dove’ in Russian!

In Brazil a gota or gata (cat) is slang for a handsome or pretty person. And we sure know what that means in India!

microbino mio, “my little microbe” in Persian. Yep. Even weirder? Mijn Bolleke, “my little round thing”.  We are not sure how well your partner would take to being call ‘little’ ‘round’ or their round things ‘little’!

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