The Nilgiris have always been home to tea lovers and among the favorite for Tea Connoisseurs in India. A prominent part of the view around the ‘Blue Mountains’ are the tea estates which one can be in awe off when they’re there. Hence, tea tasting or buying tea for your loved ones when visiting Coonoor or Ooty is not just a formality but a necessity, as it probably is criminal not to share those flavors with people we love.

Although there are several tea estates to choose from to visit or to buy teas from, we’ve put together a few that could help you decide. Craigmore, Glendale and Chamraj teas are easily preferred even according to the locals in the hills.

Glendale– For people with refined and suave taste, Glendale does justice with it’s tea leaves from different seasons. The most popular being their Winter Frost range picked between the months of January and February to keep the fresh flavor of winter intact. One can choose between their green or black teas, based on taste. The black tea is filled nutty and floral flavors and comes as black leaves with a few shades of green still left. On a lighter note the green tea, which has curled up dark-green leaves with silvery tips has slight hints of green leafy vegetables and floral notes. Both the teas are great when had in the afternoon with hot water and honey preferably.

Glendale Black Tea

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Craigmore– Another well-refined tea for people who like a smooth taste is from the Craigmore Estate. The Black Tea from their winter range is also a favorite among tea connoisseurs who’ve been trying it for many winters now. Picked consistently at the right time and sent for processing, is the key to the taste in this flowery tea. It’s advised as an afternoon tea, nevertheless, this tea can be had any part of the day, given you like it’s flowery fresh notes.

Craigmore Black Tea

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Chamraj– A top favorite among people who love flavored teas, Chamraj tops the list with it’s peppermint, fruit, and masala teas. The Peppermint tea is perfect for those who like a hint of refreshing notes anytime of the day, as it’s minty after-taste and fragrance lingers on for a while. The next on the list is their range of fruit teas, which consists of Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant. These teas stand true to their word as one can taste the flavors of these fruits as a refreshing end-note and also an endearing aroma the minute it is brewed. It makes for a great gift for loved ones and is also a tea that can be had any time of the day. Last on the list of Chamraj, is their ever famous ‘Masala Chai’. This tea comes flavored with aromatic and healthy Indian spices which wakes your senses up the second it flows through your palate. It’s a hot favorite in almost every household in the country for it’s strong flavor of Indian spices and is also considered a healthy option to have everyday.

Chamraj Peppermint

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These teas and estates mentioned are a also must-visit when you’re in the hills. The owners have also kept their places open for tea-tasting sessions, which again is must if you’re in the region for the first time. So enjoy and go sippin’ in the hills.

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