The fun of going out and eating gets multiplied manifolds if the place to eat is not ordinary. India offers its citizen various cuisines to choose from for eating. However now the experience goes one step further and we are introduced to theme restaurants. Theme restaurants in India are rare and therefore exciting. Here is a list of 10 best theme restaurants in India:

1. Dark Dine Invisible & Dialogue in the Dark, Bengaluru

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These two theme restaurants’ owners are not related to each other but their restaurants are. Both the restaurants actually takes cues from the visually impaired and serves food in absolute darkness. There are no lights or lighting arrangements, whatsoever. A person dining here doesn’t know who his host/server is and must relish the beautiful dishes served through the aroma and taste. Also, the Chinese food served here is beautiful.

2. Kaidi Kitchen, Kolkata & Chennai

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This restaurant is designed just like any police station in India and the authenticity of this place is unmistakable. The waiters dressed in costumes like that of police officers take orders while people in prisoners’ attire serve the food. The décor of the place is very prison-like as well. However, it has a noble message – spread awareness about increasing crime rates in the country.

3. Hijackk Café, Ahmedabad

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With the tagline “When was the last time you did something for the first time”, this café is a ride on a bus of 40-45 km which lasts for an hour or two. However, it serves delicious food items on the bus while travelling around the city.

4. 21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

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This restaurant in Mumbai will give you the feel of an Inuit in the humid city. Everything from the curtains to glasses are made of ice. To add to the beauty, this place is lit with dim blue lights and the customers are provided with insulated jackets, gloves and caps. Also, the temperature is regulated in this restaurant. The finger food is to die for.

5. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata

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The Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata is an experience in itself as it functions on the stock market principle. At zero hour (when the bar opens), the prices are kept low, but as the bar sees more crowd, the prices adjust as per the demand for the drink. The more popular a drink is, the higher the prices and vice versa.

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