6. Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

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This café is similar to the pioneer of toilet cafes in Taiwan. It boasts of about 20 lavatories and urinals which date back to about 1950. It was started by Jayesh Patel who is the son of I. Patel, the founder of the toilet garden. This place is a must visit for a toilet lover because as they say, toilets breed creativity.

7. Chor Bizarre, Delhi

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Capturing the spirit of chor bazaar or black markets all around the country, this restaurant displays the authenticity perfectly. It has random, yet vintage artefacts like coins, lamps, chessboards, chandeliers, ivory sandals displayed to convince you of the authenticity. Also, staying true to nature, every corner is adorned with beautiful yet stolen-looking items.

8. Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

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Because half of India depends solely on autos for commutation, this dhaba decided to incorporate our trusted mode of transportation into its restaurant. The ambience boasts of completely desi items to give you a touch of real India in a posh dhaba. Also, one can sit in an auto and enjoy the scrumptious meal.

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Food Truck

Food Trucks in India 

9. Gufha, Hyderabad

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This place is ethereal because of its early man settings. It is built like a cave with appropriate dim lights and eerie sounds to add to the aura of a dungeon. The feel of a nomadic life is added by waiters who are dressed as hunters.

10. Tihar Food Court, Delhi

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This is a simple place with an amazing initiative where real prisoners prepare and serve the food. The most brutal criminals serve food in this restaurant with a smile plastered on their faces. Also, the food is delicious and pretty reasonable in this restaurant.

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