God is an all knowing being, and surely, we hope that he/it could answer our annoying questions! Since time is entirely in God’s hands, we feel that he could extend it long enough to answer these crucial questions!

If incest is bad, how did we start off as a race? Most polytheistic religions contend that we came from two people, Adam and Eve, or some other version of that. But then.. their children had sex with each other, to give birth to the rest of us. Isn’t that incest? And incest is a sin? And now, when people try to marry within the family, they face gene pool defects. How did we manage to avoid those then?

Why does sexual desire run amok? If sexual desire is important in youth to bring about procreation, why does it not go down/settle with monogamy once the goal of bearing children is complete? Why does it run amok despite the goal of procreation being complete and despite the presence of a long-term partner?

Can you give me all the lottery numbers? If God is indeed omnipotent, I’m sure he can share some lottery numbers if not all!

Why is time so linear? Why can’t we go back in time? Or stop time when we are commuting so as to not lose time with mundane traffic? Why is time only linear and not malleable? Surely, if we could control time, even when detecting a stage 4 cancer, we could go back to when it was stage 1 and cure it! We could also go back and see HOW they built those goddamn pyramids!

On that note, how DID they build the pyramids? It’s true about the alien invasion in Egypt, isn’t it? Or did God himself pay a visit?

one minute with god

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Which came first… chicken or egg? We really need an answer to that!  Yes, please answer this, because we seem to be spending a whole lot of important research money on this question!

one minute with god

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Please tell us about Dinosaurs, once and for all! If we knew the answer to this, we could laugh in Speilberg’s phase or have to agree with Ross’s annoying fixation with dinosaurs, but I feel the secret has been held long enough! And also tell us, why make the poor creatures extinct? I’m sure they would not do any more damage than humans are.

Why do you give hypocritical advice about forgiveness? Your books are full of the power and importance of forgiveness, yet you seem to be holding a grudge on Satan/Lucifer for what… 15 billion years now? And you also seem to kill/banish/turn to animals any person or being who does not seem to listen to you or question your Godliness? My my… do you have a short temper! Flooding the earth one minute, then scorching it and then parting the ocean! Don’t you think the earth needs a break from you more than from humans?

(At this point, I am probably banished to high-security Hell. If not, I’ll get back with the answers.)One minute with god

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