Last week I heard the term I Ching again. It was mamaji consoling my mother. Mom looked petrified as mamaji went on with his vigilance, using terms like ‘Power of I Ching’ and ‘I Ching Consultation’.

I Ching

For a while then I pondered over exactly what are people referring to when they say “I am consulting the I Ching?”

Mamaji was the only person who could provide answers to the brim-over of questions in my head. Later, I found its meaning and how it can be helpful through my conversations with mamaji. So, I am sharing what I understand and like about the I Ching and its history.

I Ching

With immeasurable ancient wisdom in its possession, The I Ching, frequently termed as ‘The Book of Changes’ or ‘Yijing’ continues to be a much sought-after text by today’s metaphysical, ontological and esoteric communities.

Essentially, it is a primeval divination ‘manual’, the traces of which can be found all the way back to Shang Dynasty (1600 BC). Today, if you leaf through a modern copy of I Ching, you will be fascinated by its blend of imagery, poetry, philosophy and advice presented in about 64 chapters.

The I Ching is frequently used as an oracle by millions throughout the globe for guidance, wisdom and advice on issues ranging from self-help and social insight to topics as practical as making investments and planning business trips.

To say the least, I Ching can prove to be helpful in every plausible situation in life. It utilizes a form of divination called cleromancy which means gaining universal guidance by rolling and casting numbers arbitrarily.

In here, we’re not going to evaluate the traditional methods of interpreting and benefiting from the I Ching, but, let us have a look at thought provoking quotes that have the potential to assess and provide solutions to the current state of affairs in your life. Also, if you believe in synchronicity, today could prove to be your lucky day.

I Ching

I Ching Quotes

1. If you depend on your relationships for happiness, you will either be happy or sad as relationships rise and fall.

2. If you must rule, first learn to serve.

3. At the beginning of a project, if many boastful claims are made, the success of the goal becomes difficult.

4. In the hands of a great master, all material is productive.

5. Passion and reason cannot exist side by side.

6. Pleasant manners will succeed even with irritable people.

7. Conflict within will weaken the control to conquer danger without.

8. If we have to know what anyone is like, we have only to see on what he bestows his care and what sides of his own character he nourishes.

9. Boasting of power, wealth, position, promotion, success, or influential friends inevitably invites misfortunes and humiliation.

10. If you live in a state of perpetual hurry, you will not attain inner composure.

11. If you attempt too much, you will end up succeeding in nothing.

12. Don’t let yourself to be led astray by any leader.

So what wisdom have you drawn from these sayings? Please do share any insights, manifestations or personal findings you made with the I Ching in comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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