All things sweet and sugary pale in comparison to the queen supreme, chocolate. Its loved, its revered and it brings smiles on faces young and old alike. It’s romanticized beyond imagination. We all know that diary milk ad * kiss me, close your eyes, miss me… I can… * we won’t lie, that song is our anthem!  But, there is also someone special and dear to us. The legendary, Ferrero Rocher. * Drumroll*

Well, coming to the sweet spot, my love for ferrero rochers.

Sigh. Where shall I begin?  The lovely, golden packaging, beckoning me to it  or from the heavenly sound of unwrapping the cover? Wherever I start from, the end is that satisfying, unhygienic last lick of my fingers. ( Is there another way to eat chocolate? Do tell, do tell.)

Why do I love it so? Well, I will do justice to it like all Bollywood films do justice to their leading lady’s looks. Describe it in excruciating detail.

ferrero rocher

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Ferrero Rocher’s anatomy goes something like, a whole roasted hazelnut, floating in a little swimming pool of chocolate, all of that heaven, encased in a thin wafer shell. It doesn’t end there. Then comes a generous coating of milk chocolate and a hearty sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts. There, I have told you the secret to a long ( debatable) and/but a happy life.

The first bite, as I hear the wafer go *crunch* and the mouth fill with chocolate and hazelnut goodness, I forget my troubles for a second. All that is real, is my rocher and my love for it. I love ferrero rocher, not only because it is ridiculously delicious but also because, it’s the best therapy in the world.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not a psychopath. I do enjoy other chocolates as well. Occasionally.

We do have a lot to say about chocolates, don’t we? But, sometimes less is more. So, here at curious halt, we thought, we should attempt at describing each delicious chocolate in a single line, Short and sweet, eh? So we have attempted at describing 15 international brands of chocolate that we all love in one sweet line. Here it goes:

Dairy Milk – If I could pour all my memories into a chocolate, It would be called Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Hershey’s – Kisses sweeter than the ones we stole.

Lindt And Sprungli – White, milk and Dark, lovely with silvers of all things delicious and sweet.

Toblerone – I might not move mountains, but I sure ate many and they melted in my mouth!

Ferrero Rocher – A ball of delight, gift me a box and I’ll forever be by your side.

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Galaxy – If chocolate was satin and silk.

Kit Kat – The break insister.

Guylian – Born in Belgium, loved around the world, little box of wonders.

Snickers – The no nonsense, hunger killing, tomboy of all chocolates.

Patchi – For when chocolates wanted to get decked and pampered.

Reese’s peanut butter cups – Little cups of sin, prime suspect in serial killings of diet and abs.

Bounty – A trip to the beach but not without chocolate.

Milky Bar – An initiation to the world of white chocolate.

Godiva – Belgian, boxed and beautiful.

Bournville – Cadbury, grown up and sophisticated.

This is what we think; do let us know your versions for the chocolates. After all, chocolates aren’t just something we eat, they remind each one of us about something sweet in our lives.

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