Hyderabad, known as ‘The City of Pearls’, ‘The Land of the Nizams’ and many more is a cultural melting pot and a foodie’s paradise! Always known for its history and culture, in the last decade it has become more popular as the IT City and has attracted people from all over the country.

Everyone visiting Hyderabad would always have a “Must Visit List” to refer to. Having a list which reads Golconda Fort, Charminar, Salarjung Museum, Ramoji Film City etc is not wrong but there are a few experiences which will make that 1 day of yours in Hyderabad the most memorable one. Here are a few of those unique Hyderabadi experiences:

Wake Up and say not to hotel breakfast

Instead get ready and get going! Start the day by visiting Charminar in the early morning. You can truly experience the grandeur of the Charminar without the din and bustle of the daytime traffic. It will let you soak in the place and admire the architecture while you have all the time in the world to take photographs and that selfie!

The history tour would have left you hungry which you can satisfy with yummy buttery idlis and dosas, which are sinful yet take you to food heaven! You can get these delicious South Indian treats at Govind’s Bandi a small street food vendor who serves breakfast from 6 AM onwards! So get in the queue early as treat your taste buds as soon as you can.

Govind's Bandi in Hyderbad

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The Next Destination: Birla Mandir, Hyderabad

Once you have satiated your palate, your next destination should be Birla Mandir. The beautiful marble temple set atop a hill overlooking the Hussain Sagar Lake is a must see sight in Hyderabad.

Even if you are not a religious person, the temple is a must visit place early in the morning. There are very few devotees who visit the temple at 7 AM when it opens for public. The cool marble surface in the early morning sunshine is the perfect place to meditate and reflect on life! And if this still doesn’t excite you then a spectacular view of the entire city from the temple terrace should make it worth the climb.

You can combine this pleasant visit with a walk on the necklace road surrounding Hussain Sagar. This place is also a favourite haunt for morning walkers. The tree lined road with the lake on one side is a great place to start the day.

Birla Mandir in Hyderabad

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Evening snacks at Gokul Chat

Every city has these places which over the years have been hyped up. But Gokul Chat has stood the test of time. It dishes out the best chat in Hyderabad. This legendary eatery in Koti is located in one of the busiest parts of Hyderabad. A sea of humanity coming in and out of this place will make you wonder. Gokul chat serves the best mirchi pakora, Samosa chat and sev puri! The Hyderabadi way to top up this gastronomic experience is with a kesar kulfi!


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Sunset at Moula Ali

Moula Ali is a dargah in Secunderabad. It also lends its name to the hill it is situated upon and the other hills surrounding it. The shrine is known to contain the hand print of Ali; the son in law of the Prophet Muhammad. Despite being a religious site, it is very welcoming to tourists and is a fantastic location for trekking. After a brief climb of 500 steps, you can feel the wind on your face and get a panoramic view of Hyderabad. It is best to reach there by 5-5:30 PM to watch the sun set!  It’s truly a mesmerizing sight!

Sunset over Moula Ali

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