What Does Vegan Mean?

Being a vegan means saying a no to every single thing which causes harm to animals. It is not limited to just food but its an entire lifestyle transformation. More and more number of people are adopting veganism these days. The movement began after social media played its role and spread the message of animal cruelty all across the world. Soon a group of people realized the seriousness of the issue and joined the movement again animal cruelty.

Thriving Vegan Food Industry

Since the demand for vegan food is gaining lot of momentum, there are a plethora of milk & meat substitutes available in the market. People are resorting to soyabean in various forms as a close substitute to animal derived products. There are several new companies floated which  are using natural substances to recreate the taste of animal food products.

Benefits of going Vegan

When animal fats are substituted by leafy green vegetables, it will obviously benefit our health. Green vegetables provide fibre and nutrients which animal fats cannot. Most of the time a vegan lifestyle helps to maintain a healthy fitness routine and boosted metabolism. All of this together aids weight loss and ensures a healthy heart and mind.

A Call of Inner Conscience

As Gandhi once said, ‘The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” Some of us follow veganism not because of moral concerns involving consumption of animals, but because of inhumane slaughter house practices. The Hyderabad vegan community encourages such a lifestyle among individuals saying every animal-free meal makes a difference. Per person, going vegan spares 100 animals each year from getting slaughtered.

Helps in Climate Change

While 18% of greenhouse gas emissions is caused by animal agriculture, veganism is considered an effective way to combat climate change. Feeding large amount of grains and water to farm animals and killing them for consumption, is not just harsh but a double whammy.

While growing foods like spinach, onion and garlic, nitrous oxide gets released in the air. This gas replenishes the lost nutrients of the soil and improves our eco system. However on the other hand, several acres of forest trees are chopped down to obtain farm land for animal husbandry. This deforestation surely works against the environment.

Being Vegan in India

To spread awareness, many Indian NGOs have introduced videos showing proper consumption of organic products, fruits and vegetables. A Bombay Facebook group has been created, accommodating 1,400 members, containing various discussions on a vegan lifestyle, recipes, screenings and seminars.

Various organic restaurants all across the country offer Vegan food choices in their special menus. The food does not only look good but tastes delicious too.The slowly emergence of this culture has many people curious; while many are already participating in this step to adopt a humanitarian lifestyle.

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