The most incandescent topic doing rounds now-a-days is the road rage by political families. History has it that spoilt brats did away with heinous crimes innumerable times. Their parents always used the VIP card to rule over court’s judgement. India is now on the talking point for all the wrong reasons amid such wrongdoings of he political families. In retrospect, there are myriad such instances that faded in the folds of time. Cases are still pending with the court while the miscreants are having their days in the sun.

Lets talk about a few instances which stirred controversy and grabbed headlines only to disappear in oblivion,

1. Road rage of Sambia Sohrab

A young adept, an IAF personnel was killed by a speeding car with Sambia Sohrab on Red road. Sambia Sohrah is the son of Trinamool Congress leader Mohammed Sohrab. No wonder this blew a fuse with the local media and local masses which gave outright condemnation to the incident too.

January 13 was unlucky for the Air Force Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud. Sambia ran over the car on him and then fled from the scene. A 22 member investigation team was deployed to track down the guilty and Sambia was caught from his in-law’s house in Park Circus.

Sambia was charged with murder while the remaining 4 passengers of the car are still absconding. The final verdict on the case is impending in the court.

sambia sohrab road rage

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2. Rocky Yadav in a road rage

In another such ill-fated road rage accident Aditya Sachdeva was shot dead by Rocky using his Beretta Pistol. Apparently he did so after a small feud which took place on the highway. Does being the offspring of the political bigwig Manorama Devi entitle Rocky Yadav to carry a fully loaded pistol and fire it to his whim n fancy?

After the incident, as a ritual Rocky was absconding but was soon tracked down and arrested from a factory on the road of Bodh Gaya belonging to his father Bindi Yadav. This incident is an eye-opener for the lawlessness and ‘Jungle Raj’ that Bihar suffers from.


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3. Hema Malini road rage

In July 2015, Veteran actress and BJP MP Hema Malini, on her way back from Dausa, Rajasthan met with an accident which killed a minor girl on the opposite car. Real reason unknown, there had been a blame game between the girl’s father and Hema for quite some time. But what really sent the chill down our spine was that Hema was rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident while the 4-year-old was left to die untreated.

hema malini road rage victim

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