Have you ever wondered why are chapatis made round? Depending on the patience level somebody at home may care to answer that. Nevertheless, its a pertinent question: who decided to roll the chapatis round? Well, this curiosity surely needs a suitable answer. Some explanations are provided here.

There are several reasons actually why we have round objects around us.

1. Easier for our brain to process round objects

For our brain and specifically for our eyes, rounded corners are less sharp than pointed corners for us to process. This means that rounded objects are easier to see, and therefore, easier to use. The part of the eye which processes images, the fovea, is fastest at perceiving circles. The reason this is so because the sharper the edges, the brighter the objects appear. The rounded the object, the less bright it appears. Therefore, they are not hurtful to the eye to observe.


2. Natural conditioning for round objects

A lot of objects in our natural surroundings are round and so we perceive round objects as safe, for example, flowers and the sun. What are you most likely to leave loose around a child, a ball or something with sharp edges like a fork? So, round objects intuitively get our trust and thus we started to make things that way.

3. Easier to make and use

As far as buttons go, there are in fact buttons of more shapes. However, round buttons are the most common. The first reason is that round buttons are easier to make. If you had to cut out 4 or 3 sharp edges, that takes longer. A round button’s circumference is equidistant from the center. The center is where the hole would be and so it makes round buttons easier to push through button holes. Therefore, they are easier to operate.


Also, if you look at your hand, it is much easy to wrap your fingers around round and cylindrical objects than those with sharp edges. Therefore, cricket and tennis balls are round. The top of the cricket bat is cylindrical for the same reason.


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But, why are chapatis round?

But are these all the answers required to sufficiently diffuse our original question? Actually, no. In cooking a couple of more reasons apply. Firstly, if you were to make square or triangle patties of dough and then flatten them out, that’s a lot of effort. It’s much easier to stretch out a round patty. Secondly, round objects cook much more evenly. It gives the water molecules in the dough the chance to spread evenly. It also helps to cook it properly so that one side is not burnt while the other is undercooked. This is why our cooking vessels are also round. It helps the heat to spread evenly.

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