Walking down the street on a sunny day and being blinded by body hair is the absolute worst. Why would that woman not shave? Does she not know we live in a civilized society that mandates painful and time-consuming hair removal processes? God, what a horrifying sight to look at. Also, she doesn’t even look like she’s making an effort to hide all that hair. It is no surprise that women need to shave or wax. But do you know why?

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The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Women are beautiful creatures, created by God to do just that, be beautiful. Their primary job is to look perfect. Due to this reason, body hair does not figure anywhere in this complicated quadratic equation of beauty. Looks like it has got to go. Women wax and shave to make sure that they live up to every asinine, unhealthy, unrealistic beauty standard there ever existed. So essentially, they wax to look like that Victoria’s Secret model in the catalog that has smooth legs because of Photoshop. Hey, no one ever said being perfect was easy.

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Body Hair Is Bad News

Body hair is the absolute worst. Ugh. So gross and such a terrible sight to look at. Can you imagine looking at someone’s legs and finding anything apart from silky smooth skin? Oh, the horror! Body hair makes people around you uncomfortable. And we cannot let that happen. Therefore, women usually prefer to shave or wax to ensure that the people around them are comfortable and not horrified by something as natural as hair. You wouldn’t go out of your way to not get rid of body hair and flaunt it around in public, only to ruin some poor schmuck’s day as it enters his line of visibility.

The Complete Woman

No woman is complete with body hair. Get rid of that one thing and you’ll be a complete woman. It’s not that hard. So take a trip to the drug store and get your hands on wax strips or a razor or a hair removal cream. You’ll have to shell out a few hundred rupees. But so what? In the grand scheme of things, it is worth spending the money if you’re going to look good. You can always go to the salon if you prefer not to get all tangled up (pun definitely intended) at home. A few thousand rupees are all it takes to get rid of that hair.

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Waxing or shaving is such a popular trend and the results so spectacular, that even men are catching on. Seems like they finally realized the merits of spending a ton of money each month or year to perfect the bare-chested and clean-shaven look. Isn’t it just wonderful that all these efforts by women weren’t for naught?

Jokes aside, the matter of body hair is a very personal choice. Just because a couple of advertisements do not show body hair, does not mean that is the norm. Shave or don’t shave, wax or don’t wax, it is entirely up to you. In conclusion, your comfort and choice come way before what society dictates you must do.

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