The job market is bad these days and even those of us who have jobs, find it monotonous and uninteresting. In such a scenario having a side business is perhaps not a bad option. In the digital economy, you could take up a side business for which you don’t require much more than a laptop. A side business helps you to earn that added extra income and for many, it is also the work that they are more passionate about. Here are some side business ideas for you that you can easily do with a full-time job.

1. Design and development as a side business

Since everyone sells online these days, graphic designers, web designers and app developers are in great demand. Many small to medium businesses tend to give their work to freelancers because their workload is not enough to justify a full-time hire. You can join Facebook pages related to these skills or make a profile on websites like Even if you did not study design or development, there are many online courses that would prove to be a good investment. Once you have these skills from a recognized place, you can easily take on short jobs as and when your time permits.

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2. Tax preparation

Filing taxes is a pain for most people as it involves a lot of intricacies. If you studied tax or are interested in taxation, this might be worth considering. The reason it could do well as a side business is because financial consultants charge a lot and many individuals and small enterprises are not able to afford them. By offering competitive pricing, you can have a steady hold on your clients.

3. Sales

You can get into a side-business of commission-only sales. This means that you approach small businesses and offer to sell their products and charge a small commission on each successful sale. This involves legwork or you can do it online. Since this is commission only, you don’t need to worry about investing or capital. Of course, you need to have the skills and the energy levels to get into sales.

4. Teach an online course

There are classes for block printing, carpentry and book-binding! Almost anything that you can think of, has an online course. If you have a skill that is unique or niche or something that you can offer for a lesser price than what is prevailing, you should definitely consider it. Many websites offer great deals on online courses. You also get a loyal student database that you can sell other related products to.

5. Influencers

If you’re someone who has a lot of followers on Instagram, then you can consider making money there as well. Brands are always looking for someone to talk about their product in order to push sales. A paid tweet or a paid Instagram post will definitely do well for your bank balance. However, a word of caution: do not post paid stuff that is out of sync. For example, if you blog about travel on Instagram, a post about make-up products will appear fake and unconvincing. It might also lead to people unfollowing you.

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6. E-books

This is a great side business. With the advent of Kindle and book reading apps like juggernaut, a lot of people do not mind buying ebooks between Rs. 30 and 300 if they feel it will bring them a lot of value. If you know a lot about a specific subject, say ethical investments in India, do consider writing about it and pitching your book on these platforms. Alternatively, you could just make an ad for your book on Facebook and Instagram so that people can buy directly from there.

7. Podcasts and Youtube

If you are someone who can catch the audience’s attention and know a lot about a specific topic, consider starting a podcast or a youtube channel. If you garner a lot of followers over time, people will want to put ads before/after your podcasts and videos and you can make money that way.

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8. Cafes & Ice Parlours

Have you ever realized how happy people are sitting and lazing around in small cafes and ice cream parlours? If you have the capital then its a one time cost to pay for franchise to set up the cafe/ice cream parlour and thereafter it can function with the help fo staff. This is great business idea if you can find the right location to establish the entity.

9. Writing

Writing is a side business that a lot of people prefer. The kind of content required on the internet can vary from educational, technical to general freelance content. Specific content like ad copies, landing page content, writing marketing emails – all are in great demand by online businesses too. Consider doing short courses in content writing and then approaching small and medium businesses for work.

10. Sitting

We know how this sounds, “Can I make money, just by sitting? Wow!”

What we mean is, you could consider house-sitting, babysitting or pet sitting, whatever is your preference. People tend to be busy and travelling a lot these days and they do need someone reliable who can take care of their pet, house or child. Since all these three are rather dear to people, start offering your services to friends and neighbours first. Make a trustworthy, happy customer base with them. It is mostly word of mouth which will get you more business here. This could work really well if your main full-time job is something like software development which can be done from home every now and then.

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Do you find yourself doing any of these in the future? What do you think of our side business ideas? Would you like to add any more? Please mention in the comments below!

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