Tired of the same old backyard and church wedding? Do you want your wedding to be wacky, crazy or simply, different? Then, this listicle might be of great use to you as it lists down the 10 exotic wedding venues you haven’t lent much of a thought to.

1. Camp Wedding

camping-wedding - exotic wedding venues

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This is advisable for the outdoorsy and more active couple who get bored easily. You can have a gala time getting married in a forest under the stars with the cool wind blowing in your hair. An open barbecue, the raw wilderness and a bonfire to chill around adds to the beauty.

2. Theatre Wedding

theatre wedding - exotic wedding venues

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If you or your partner are heavily into performing arts, this might be the ideal wedding venue for them. The theatre is home to the artist so s/he can feel most comfortable there. The guests can be seated in the audience area below. Amphitheatre weddings are a great idea for people who  don’t like open skies.

3. Stadium Wedding

stadium wedding - exotic wedding venues

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If you consider yourself the biggest FC fan ever, this option is a worth a consideration. Renting out a stadium for a wedding is a great option! You will get the superstar feel while getting married in the same field where your hero sweats. Also, huge announcements and cheering guests in the stands would be a great incentive.

4. Treehouse Wedding

treehouse wedding - exotic wedding venues

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This type of wedding is apt for the couple who likes being outdoor and yet, need their own cocoon of privacy. Typically, there are a few wooden houses in the midst of the forest along with adequate arrangements for the wedding. Nature’s beauty adds to the mood of the guests who are sure to have a gala time as well!

5. Hot-air Balloon Wedding

balloon wedding - exotic wedding venues

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Nothing can give you more of an adrenaline rush than getting married mid-air. So, if both you and your partner aren’t afraid of heights then this is one of the most exotic wedding venues you can think of. Some balloons can hold up to 15 guests, so the family and a couple of close friends can fly with you without any worry.

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