6. Fairytale Castle Wedding

castle wedding - exotic wedding venues

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Have you grown up waiting for Prince Charming? Now that you’ve found him, won’t you want to get wedded to him in a castle just like the princesses? This is your opportunity to live the princess feels. Get married in a lavish castle which is already well equipped for feasts and accommodation in a completely royal way. Castles are relatively easier to rent, so, live your fairy tale girl!

7. Dracula Castle

dracula castle - Exotic wedding venues

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If you are the type who digs horror movies and reads more Goosebumps than fairy tales as a kid, this is the perfect option for you. If you have enough budget for a horror-infused wedding then rent out ruler Vlad’s Bran castle which has a lot of bats for the feels.
PS: Vlad was a terrible ruler who impaled half the people in his kingdom and left them to die slowly. He is the inspiration for modern day Dracula.

8. Adventure Park

adventure park - Exotic wedding venues

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Unleash the kid in you and exchange vows on a roller coaster or a Haunted house. That is also when you become most religious. These exotic wedding venues would also be a great refreshment for your whole family.

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9. Cave Weddings

Cave wedding - Exotic wedding venues

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There is something absolutely rustic and beautiful about cave weddings. It is the closest you can be with nature and it’s free. Also, if the cave is big, it can house a lot of guests. The decision lies with you whether you want to decorate the cave or leave it naturally beautiful. The cave is also a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

10. In A Cemetery

cemetery - Exotic wedding venues

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This might sound weird as most people consider graveyards to be haunted. But a cemetery is the purest and most soulful place ever. It is also the best way you could include a deceased relative in your wedding and seek their blessings in remembrance.


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