6. Peanuts

Peanut or groundnut is a dependable source of energy. It provides up to 570 kcal per 100 gm. It is also high in protein and vitamin content. If you are in a job where you are unsure of your food timings then carry small peanut pouches with you. They work as a great filling option.

healthy foods - Peanuts

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7. Oats

Oats are also known as oatmeal as they are a meal in itself. They control cholesterol, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and are prominent in weight control. It contains fiber and vitamins needed by our body.

healthy foods - Oats

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8. Potatoes

Potatoes are the most tempting food for all of us. However there are many doubts around it. Some say they are unhealthy while others say they are not. Truth is par boiled potatoes are low in fat and very high in fiber and nutrients. Potatoes are rich in minerals like potassium and phosphorus too making them one of the most sought after healthy foods.

healthy foods - Potatoes

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9. Soya

Soya has high protein content, vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre. It is also a substitute to meat. It helps to combat cases of constipation, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes. Tofu is also a extremely healthy food which is made from Soya.

healthy foods - Soya

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10. Milk

Milk has always been considered a very important part of human diet. It is the most vital source of calcium in human body. It helps in developing bone health, muscle building and reduces depression. Skimmed milk is very healthy to drink. Make sure you do not add any forms of sugars to it.

healthy foods - Milk

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