The familiar face of the very handsome Rahul Gandhi isn’t a strange sight. He hails from a family line, which boasts of his late grandmother Indira Gandhi, his father the Late Rajiv Gandhi whose assassination affected the entire nation winning sympathy instantly for his mother – Sonia Gandhi the current president of INC.

We know his name, we know his family and we know his political allegiance. But, do we know the person called Rahul Gandhi?

Here are 10 things about the no more youth icon Rahul Gandhi which is not known to many:


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1. He shifted many schools

Those of us, whose fathers got “posted” here and there, know how that feels, so many schools, so much culture. Rahul Gandhi would relate to that as well.  He shifted many schools and even colleges as there was a security threat looming about, always.

 2. Studied under a pseudonym

Raul Vinci, sounds a lot of Rahul Gandhi but take the context out and you would possibly just scroll past that name. Well, that was the idea anyway. To protect him, when he was studying in Cambridge and Rollins, his identity was known only to the security agencies and university officials.

3. His 2009 victory that defied predictions

Rahul Gandhi won his father’s former constituency – Amethi in the May 2004 elections. Though the move to have Rahul contest it was seen doubtfully, with Priyanka Vadra, his younger sister, being considered the more charming one. He won another victory in 2009, by retaining the Amethi seat, as many predicted he wouldn’t.

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4. Employee turned Entrepreneur

After completing his education in Cambridge and Rollins, he worked in the management consultancy firm: Monitor Group, London. Later he established the Mumbai based outsourcing firm Backops Services Private Ltd.

5. Rahul Gandhi offered to step down

After the disastrous outcome of 2014 general elections, where the only respite was the retaining of the Amethi seat, that too by a very narrow margin, Rahul Gandhi offered to step down and resign from his posts. But the party workers didn’t assent to it, and so he continues.

6. He has always maintained a pro farmer stance

From leading the rally in April 2015 in Ramila Maidan to his agitations in Orissa and Uttar Pradesh, he has always attracted a huge crowd of people.  He criticized the BJP government for being pro investors and for the controversial land bill introduced in the parliament. Say what you will, a pro farmer stance is hard to ignore.

7. Another heart-warming gesture

Apart from being pro farmer, he has also backed decriminalization of homosexuality. In a world, that is more often homophobic than not, it is a welcome respite to have a political leader backing decriminalization.

Rahul Gandhi

8. Controversy’s child

Rahul Gandhi isn’t known for carefully crafted speeches or sugar coated jabs. He has been outright slashing at his opponents since day 1. His remarks even attracted the election commission of India to ask him to be more “circumspect in his public utterances”.

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9. Rahul Gandhi’s worth

We always wonder how much our leaders are worth.

I mean, monetarily at least. Well, according to the affidavit filed by the man himself, he is worth almost, Rs. 10 crores. Around Rs. 8 crores of that amount, is movable assets and the remaining, comprise of immovable assets.

10. His sweetheart

There have been wild rumours about Rahul Gandhi’s girlfriend. In the man’s own, very heart-warming words, he said, “”My girlfriend’s name is Veronique not Juanita. She is Spanish and not Venezuelan or Colombian. She is an architect not a waitress, though I wouldn’t have had a problem with that.” Now, we may call him pappu, but he has his moments.

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