Who needs Rafale, RaGa can bombard with mouth! We in mid-life are awaiting a heart-attack. But in 40+ Rahul Gandhi eyes different goals. That is giving Kapil Sharma and Krushna a run for their money. It looks like, the camera has a better IQ than our Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for it never missed a goof-up statement from him. Camera is omnipresent.

Here are some of the most hilarious RaGa moments:

Rahul Gandhi aka RaGa

1. “Aap ko kya lagta hai? Mahilayon ko kya lagta hai? Izzat ki aapki? Bhrashtachar kiya, sorry! Balatkar kiya”

The Hallmark Chatur Ramalingam moment in politics. Ever since Rahul Gandhi mouthed the dialogue in Shahdol Rally, it was LOL in the air and beyond. High time he changed his proof-reader. Or should I say take Hindi lessons himself?


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2. Dalit community needs Jupiter’s velocity to succeed

And he ropes in astronomy to make things simpler. That too for Dalit issue? Boy, wasn’t intellectual famine enough? Now this, the unbefitting comparisons. It was during National Awareness Camp for Scheduled Castes Empowerment at Vigyan Bhavan.

Rahul Gandhi aka RaGa

3. “Gujarat ko agar kisine khada kiya hai, Gujarat ko kisine khada kiya hai,Gujarat ko Amul diya hai, Gujarat ko dudh diya hai, to iss taraf dekhiye, in mahilayo ne diya hai”

Rub your eyes and look again already. You read it right. Wonder what Pahlaj Nihlani has to say about it. Of course, it was during addressing an election rally in Gujarat.

4.“Poverty is a state of mind”

During the inauguration of a hospital in Allahabad he said this. The gareebs battled their routine drudgery to land this epiphany. Thank God RaGa happened to them!

Rahul Gandhi aka RaGa

5.“ This morning I got up at night”

God only knows what’s that supposed to mean. We gave up on him already!!

Rahul Gandhi aka RaGa

6. “Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom, infact India is bigger than Europe and USA put together”

This he said in Ahmedabad Congress meet. We say, everything is bigger than everything, but your brain isn’t than a peanut!

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7. “India is a beehive”

During the address of CII Annual Meeting, Rahul said this. For him, a beehive is more powerful than an Elephant. That’s the reason why he defied India’s comparison with Elephant. Now it’s a wild goose chase to try to find logic therein.

8. “Congress is disorganized”

People found it hard to digest. But then it’s RaGa. He labeled his own party as disorganized, that it lacked proper regulation, that its men broke all rules in passing minutes. Call it honesty or stupidity, choice is yours.

9. “Hindustan Ek Soch hai. Hindustan Ek Jagah Hai, Magar  Hindustan Ek Soch Hai”

Well, words fail me to translate this. But then, Hindustan is place which doesn’t deserve RaGa. like it doesn’t deserve Rakhi Sawant.

10. “Agar aap yuva karyakarta se baat karen, agar aap mahila karyakarta se baat karen, pehli baar wo keh rhe hain ki bhai maza aaya, aur main ye jo maza hai hindustan k har vaikti ko dena chahta hun.”

This one breaks all records in hilariousness. Especially because he said it about women volunteers in INC. Now you can read between the lines.

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