In Bollywood cat fights are pretty normal. But if you’ve noticed, there’s a new wave set in since quite a while. Honesty, truth and reality spilling out of many mouths. Style, fashion, make up and brands are no longer the cool stuff. Being ‘Straight forward’ is the new cool.

Kangana Ranaut: Bollywood’s Wild Cat

kangana-ranaut Bold Actors of Bollywood

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She tops the chart because she’s the one who began this trend of honesty and bitter truth. She’s outright, blunt and openly talks about what ‘we’re just friends’ mean in Bollywood to real life of stars. She speaks her mind and that makes her friends a bit awry of her but nothing stops our Queen from being the bindas badass.

Deepika Padukone: Woman who wore her heart on her sleeves

Bold Actors of Bollywood - Deepika Padukone

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A household name for being vocal. Right from wearing her heart on her sleeve by wearing the RK tattoo on her nape to talking about her fight with depression. Deepika never lags behind in being admired by us for her frankness.

The Never Wrong – Kalki Koechlin

Bold Actors of Bollywood - Kalki Koechlin

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When it comes to feminism and Bollywood, this French beauty’s name cannot go missing. For many years she’s been raising voice against sexual abuse and shared her horrific experience of sexual abuse as a teenage with media to make everybody aware and talk openly about it. She is frequent in many women oriented campaigns and theatrical dramas.

Anushka Sharma – The Honest Pout

Bold Actors of Bollywood - Anushka Sharma

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She gained the attention for a short while. Not because of Virat Kohli but for wage difference in Bollywood. She gave a reality check to people on glitzy world’s gender inequality making social media go upside down on this huge discrimination. Her point made people ponder over the necessity of feminism.

Sushmita Sen – Her Beauty Lies in her honesty

Sushmita-Sen Bold Actors of Bollywood

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You would say it’s pretty unfair to name her under this category but it’s not. She became Miss Universe in early 90s which till date no other Indian could make it till there. Also, she was amongst first and very few women who adopted two girls and raised them single handedly, giving an inspiration to many and living the very meaning of ‘empowered woman’. She never hid her men and her relationships whether it was Vikram Bhatt who produced her first movie or Randeep Hooda later on. Sush never felt the need to be diplomatic.

Shabana Azmi – A Disrupter of Bollywood Rules

Shabana-Azmi - Bold Actors of Bollywood

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She was ruthlessly blunt in every cause and issue. May be this wasn’t appreciated in her time which eventually didn’t help her bag top position, though she gave great and quality movies which is even today loved and appreciated by cine lovers. Her bold move of going bald for the shooting of movie “waters” surely made everyone sit back and appreciate her in awe.

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