Wise beyond her years, but still holding on to that childish charm – Alia Bhatt is that one actress we all wish we could be friends with. She has been a breath of fresh air on the Bollywood scene, with a knack to pick roles that are never the same. Despite having a filmy family, she has earned all her accords based solely on her acting prowess.

A New Entry But Threat To The Vintage Already

While Alia is new entrant as compared to stalwarts like Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma and so on but she has already made a strong foot hold in the industry. Her incredible talent for picking juicy roles that are never shy about tackling social issues is quite unique. While other actresses might do an occasional social justice film, Alia Bhatt has consistently picked roles that tackle issues from sexual abuse to corruption to rape to body positivity.

For someone who could have stuck to mainstream cinema and continued playing the bubbly girl next door for years to come, Alia Bhatt has taken everyone by surprise for the courage she has shown in choosing the difficult roles.

Alia Bhatt

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Alia Bhatt: A stand apart from the rest

This is not to say that every movie she has acted in has been a box office success. But Alia Bhatt’s acting has ensured that she is singled out for each of her performances. While we saw her begin a public conversation about mental illness in Dear Zindagi, Highway was an eye-opening movie that tackled childhood sexual abuse. How many actresses can say that each of their roles has dealt with an important issue?

Alia Bhatt

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Deepika is a superstar in her own right; delivering some incredible performances. Priyanka Chopra too has left a legacy behind her in Hindi film career but Alia is miles ahead of them already. Alia Bhatt has already sung her first song, already has more than one 100 crore film in her kitty. She has starred in her first woman-centric movie already and has already worked with many coveted industry actors and directors. She has done and achieved things which took these senior actresses more than a decade to achieve.

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Professionalism to the T

Deepika’s love affair and break up with Ranbir Kapoor still overshadows her interviews and discussions. Kangana Ranaut is also surrounded by controversies and so is Anushka Sharma and the rest. But Alia Bhatt has it all sorted in her head. She has chosen silence as her answer for every question about her personal life. Not just that, despite tasting success so early in her career, she has not let it get to her head.

Alia Bhatt

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Alia does have the attitude of Kangana Ranaut or Priyanka Chopra to read and judge a script for 3-6 months before deciding to do the film or not. She does not throw tantrums on set. She does not gossip like Sonam Kapoor and neither does she take her work for granted like many do. Alia constantly keeps a check on each of these.

All Eyes on Her

It is impossible to pay attention to anyone else when Alia Bhatt is on screen. Spend a couple of minutes watching the song Gulabo from Shaandaar and you’ll see what we mean. One is even inclined to ignore Randeep Hooda when Alia Bhatt is on screen! She has consistently taken jokes made on her in quite a sporting manner. She even teamed up with the infamous AIB to make a spoof video of herself! Is there anything more hilarious than that? Her young age has not stopped her from carving a place for herself. She is definitely someone whom every stalwart in the industry has to watch out for!

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