A scoliosis disabled woman recently left the nation jaw dropped by taking away India’s top examination. The only difference between Ira Singhal and Arav Kalra is that Ira is top IAS in the making and Arav, a big business honcho.

Arav Kalra

Physical ailment often tests a man’s will power but very few overcome them with a thumping success. Arav is suffering from muscular weakness since birth. He is totally dependent when it comes to climbing stairs, writing and other day to day chores. Over a time period this weakness led him to scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine bends to the side abnormally. His class works are often completed by his friends. A person has to be there with him most of the time to keep a check on him. However if his health condition is put aside for a moment then Arav is just a simple and ordinary boy like anybody else. The only difference is he has bit more will power and bit more zeal for life.

Arav Kalra
Life of Arav Kalra

The 17 year old Arav hardly gets time to attend his school. His medication and surgeries robbed  him off the fun times with his friends. However this did not kill the mojo of this enthusiastic kid. Last year Arav underwent a spine surgery which led him to miss his school for almost six to eight months. He was under strict medication and could not even attend his tuition let alone classes. He could hardly devote any time to study for his board exams. With only few months to prepare a year’s course and that too at a stretch, when the result came out every single person was flabbergasted.

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We had no hopes of Arav clearing his boards this year. We didn’t even feel like checking his results after its declaration and surprisingly I got a call from his school that my son had scored very well and has been highly appreciated by the union ministry”, says Mrs. Poonam Kalra, proud mother of Arav. Hard work pays. In our society where physical disability is a curse to living, Arav Kalra has broken the taboo by scoring 8 CGPA in his X boards.

Arav Kalra gets letter appreciation from the HRD Minister – Mrs. Smriti  Zubin Irani.Arav Kalra

The joyous mother gives all the credits to his teachers and faculty members who had been there for him at every single step. “I’m blessed with motivating and loving parents, who always stood by me”, says Arav.

Inspiration Overloaded – Arav Kalra

Arav Kalra is very firm with his ambition. His body may not support him to the level of his expectations but his heart is after what he wants to. Arav is very sensitive when it comes to music. Other than being a good student, he’s also a good singer and is learning classical music. And he observes his future in the same. His father, Mr. Ashish Kalra is his role model and tries his best to be like him. He wants to make him feel proud of him by taking his family business of car dealing to higher levels in the future along with singing.

Determination and perseverance leads one to success. This life fact has been taken in by Arav Kalra quite early and that too in a very tender age and has become a set example for all of us.

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