It is quite difficult for new mothers who have to dedicate time towards their young ones and balance the sudden changes happening in life, or who need to change their career to fit in with their new circumstances, the situation becomes tougher.

These are some super cool options for new mothers so they can work in a flexible environment.

1. Freelance Writer

The most desirable job for new mothers who aspire for flexibility. Freelance writing allows you to explore an array of fields, and it’s ultimately your choice to write. The content created, amount of work you choose and also the amount of time. You can prepare proposals; brochures, books, articles, seminar materials, editing and a host of other writing activities can easily be done remotely. New mothers can dedicate ample amount of time to your family and take care of everyone around, along with that you are not bound to any form of contract and far away from overburdening yourself.


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2. Graphic Designer

A job that blends creativity with flexibility, graphic designing is perfect for women who want to exercise their brain cells and also maintain the freedom to work on specific projects and also reflecting their area of interest. Many companies offer stipulated short contracts for designing graphics for websites and they have the flexibility to work from home giving various degrees of freedom to exercise that can be apt for new mothers.


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3. Librarian

Taking care of new mother’s physical health is one of the most important aspects of post-pregnancy duties. By getting enrolled as a librarian it becomes easy to get appropriate rest and  in fact you will have a desk job with fixed timings. The knowledge gained from the workplace earns you extra brownie points back home.


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4. Social Media Marketing

You should also research emerging trends. For instance, social networking is becoming more and more important to doing business. Today companies maintain blogs as well as presence on sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and all of these accounts need to be maintained regularly. Strong knowledge of SEO and mass email optimization can also lead to opportunities in corporate marketing.


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5. Teacher

One of the most important but unrewarding jobs in India is that of a teacher. However, for a new mother, this can be one of the best options. While the pay may not be great, for new mothers the profession can be a boon because of the long holidays and close proximity with other children. Nowadays there is an upsurge in demand of teachers working on contract basis and the pay scale is also emerging to be great and the best part being,  women can start teaching as tutors at their home itself and start earning a decent amount. The knowledge that comes with the job will ultimately go in raising the child well with confidence.


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6. Cookery Blog

With the number of cookery shows on air and Nigella Lawson’s ever increasing fanbase in India, we need not tell you just how popular cooking has become in India. With the expansion of landscape of cookery shows with Sanjeev Kapoor and Masterchef, there is an increase in the inclination of people towards cookery shows and individual blogs. While you have been cooking so far all alone, allow your inner Tarla Dalal to come alive in the form a blog. If it hits the right audience, a book deal may not be that far away.


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So having a baby in life won’t be the end for new mothers anymore as many women are switching their talents to more adaptable and the most-stable careers which need will provide enough flexibility to balance work life as well as family life.

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