The whole world wants a piece of the fast paced technology race. Yet you never know who is going to win. There’s so much happening at any given time, hence keeping abreast of the newest tech miracle is a little hard. Augmented reality is one of those concepts that have evolved rapidly. Countless Industries are applying this concept to their products.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is what you see, with an extra layer of information. The combination of real and virtual creates augmented reality. The two blend seamlessly to bring a unique experience to the user. Augmented means to enhance something. The reality that you see is superimposed with virtual elements, be it information, objects, facts or reviews. Augmented Reality works perfectly on smartphones. Consequently, there are numerous apps that let you access information in a new dimension. Data from pictures, including GPS coordinates is used by the apps in order to determine the kind of information that is displayed.

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Where Is It Used?

Multiple industries make use of this technology. From archaeology to art, from education to medicine, augmented reality finds its application in all of these. This technology takes viewing art to another level. A whole new world opens up.

The tech makes it easy for students to learn. It makes the material more interactive by giving them the chance to learn with actual models and simulations. Gaming has also evolved to include augmented reality. The tech turns your room into a game!

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The Hardware

It is impossible to implement such high-end technology without the appropriate hardware. Smartphones are the most popular piece of hardware. The basic components for displaying are a camera, GPS, accelerometer and a compass. New age eyeglasses can implement AR. A head mounted display attached to a helmet is used to allow users to see a layer of projection over the actual view

Who Uses It?

Microsoft’s Hololens makes use of augmented reality. The device mixes holographs with reality, creating a visual experience for users similar to the Google glass. The basic technology in the Wii makes use of a reader’s motions and actions to enable them to play games. Without augmented reality, how would you play golf with a console?

Another interesting use of AR tech is the bionic lens. The device includes all the necessary circuits to work as a virtual display in the lens itself. In addition, the US Military is working on creating AR glasses that work with the bionic lens. The combination of these two pieces of tech will allow personnel to focus on multiple things at the same time.

Apps are incorporating the AR technology quickly. Another example of this is Blippar has added a new edge to advertising. This app takes an advertisement and turns it into an interactive experience. Point your phone towards an ad for a food product and see a recipe book pop up. The New York Walk And Explore app has also entered the AR playing field, which helps the user personalize their experience of exploring New York City. By using augmented reality and personalized tours, travel takes on a whole new meaning.

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How cool would it be to walk down a road and instantly get information about the history, restaurants and the nearest train station all in one place? AR apps can bring artwork to life while information is accessible with a single command or a single click. Augmented reality has endless possibilities and as a result, endless advantages. By using the right app, users can experience all the features of a product without actually seeing it.

In conclusion, the possibilities are endless. The impact, immeasurable. This kind of tech can revolutionize the way we perceive the world. The way we see, feel, hear and touch things around us is all about to change.

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