Star gazing is an exciting hobby as it is about exploring the universe. It provides endless enjoyment as you learn to appreciate the beauty of the sky above you. Do you know you can watch a galaxy 2 and half million light-years away just with your naked eyes??

Here are some of the beautiful places famous in the world for star gazing. Do visit them to have an ultimate star gazing experience.

1. Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Michigan 

Headlands Park enjoys the status of Dark Sky since year 2011. Situated in the northwest of Michigan in Emmet County, it is one of the six places in the U.S. for star gazing.  It is located beside Lake Michigan along-with 550 acres of vast forest.

According to the ordinance passed by the state, the use of too many artificial lights is limited. The place is open for the public 24 hours a day. It is an awesome place to envisage the site of meteor showers.

Headlands star gazing

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2. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia 

The park is situated in the Northern Territory of Australia having both historical as well as scientific significance. It houses two 600-million-year-old monoliths in the middle of Australia’s Red Center and the captivating sight of milky way in the night is also amazing.

A combination of various lights giving a rainbow like appearance is a visual treat for the travellers. Apart from the lights, there are lots of spots scattered in this area to get a perfect view of stars. Since the area encompasses Ayers Rock Resort, it is one of the best points for a perfect star gazing. A mesmerising Aurora Australis can be seen frequently from here.

Australia-star gazing

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3. Jasper National Park in Canada 

The place is embedded in the scenic beauty surrounded by coniferous trees. One of the well-known festivals celebrated here is The Dark Sky festival. Apart from star gazing, Jasper National Park is famous for various other exciting activities like solar viewings, rocket launches for kids, telescope workshops and so on. It also has more than 100 camping sites scattered all over the park. The place is open all year round for adventurous and fun loving people.

Jasper-Dark-Sky Star Gazing

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4. Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve in New Zealand 

The place is a prime dark sky reserve for star gazing in the Southern Hemisphere. The dark sky reserve is located in the Mackenzie Basin, in the South Island of New Zealand. The 4300 sq km area is bounded by a spectacular alpine landscape around Mt. Cook.

Every evening after 6 PM the residents switch off the lights to reduce light pollution facilitating a clear view of the night sky. Many have experienced star light in this place.

New Zealand Star Gazing

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5. Tenerife on the Canary Islands 

Situated in Morocco, Tenerife is a distant island having proximity to the equator. It is an enjoyable sight to see clear and darkest skies. Tenerife is a host to semi-annual Starmus Festival, a celebration of science, music, and the arts. Eminent attendees have been a part of the festival. It includes personalities like Neil Armstrong and Stephen Hawking namely. It is an open observatory functional from April to December. It is a must visit star gazing site.

Canary Islands star gazing

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