We all have this friend who loves to feed stray animals, cuddle them, aid their wound et al. It leaves the impression that they would have better picked up a career which served animals. Though least chosen until recently, these career options for animal lovers are all the rage these days among young adepts.

Here under are a few career options for such animal lovers:

A Veterinarian

The best job for animal lovers under the Sun is becoming a veterinarian. It is a going concern and likely to yield you utmost profit in the long run if you contemplate opening your own veterinary hospital or clinic, to say the least. It also exposes you to the big companies who have vacancies for veterinarians. However, it’s not like you can become a veterinarian overnight, it requires years of planning and a degree from veterinary school.

veterinarian - career option for animal lovers

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A Pet Groomer

First things first, this job requires a lot of patience for starters because the payment won’t be as satisfying but gradually it should increase manifolds. What’s more fulfilling than training a pet? The job itself is a mood-lifter.

pet groomer career options for animal lovers

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Dog walker

In a social and economic setting like ours, the idea sounds a little bizzare. However, the idea concerns those who want to run a business out of it. Dogs often feel lonely and unattended after a busy and exhausted owner, so a dog-walker can keep him company while allowing him to play with other breeds in the open.

dog walker - career option for animal lovers

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Marine Biologist

Now that’s an adrenaline-pumping job. The adventure enthusiasts are the perfect shoe-in for this job which obviously doesn’t mean you don’t need training. Studying the living organisms in the Earth’s bodies of water is a Marine Biologist’s job. It , however always entitles you to choose between birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals or reptiles. The ones holding a Master’s degree in Oceanography are the preference for this job.

marine biologist career option for animal lovers

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A pet-sitter

If you find household pets really perfect to dote on, you sure are fit for the job. You can grab clients and sit their pet in their absence and charge according to hours of work.

A Wild-life Photographer

It’s a blissful amalgam of photography and wild-life. One, who is the connoisseur of both, should contemplate a career in wild-life photography. After all a job that takes you places, especially the spine-chilling rainforests, is the job worthwhile. It is a very rewarding job in case you want to be acknowledged by the biggies in the profession and not to mention, the career will grow by leaps and bounds if you have potential.

Wildlife photographer - career option for animal lovers

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A Zoologist studies animals and gets to spend ample time with them. Then again, you require a Master’s degree in Zoology to pursue the study of animals. A Bachelor’s Degree, though is just about fine to become a Zoologist but a Master’s degree is a must in case you want to go further and research.

Wildlife Biologist

There are people responsible for keeping a track on animals, their populace, demographies etc. those people are called Wildlife Biologists. It’s a demanding work because it requires a lot of Jungle-hunting, however it’s enjoyable to the core too.

wildlife biologist - career option for animal lovers

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