Run man run! You might have seen Forest Gump and the insane amount of running done Tom Hanks in the movie. Haven’t you noticed a similar kind of situation around you? Busy India is running madly here and there. Workers are in hurry to reach their office. Kids are in hurry to reach the school. The delivery guy is in hurry to deliver the product. Rickshaw drivers are in hurry to get their passengers to their destination. A mother is in hurry to reach home. Our domestic helpers are in hurry to complete the work and reach another house.

Run Run Run Busy India

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Busy India

We are always getting late for something or the other. Driving recklessly and honking horns impatiently are one of our chief qualities. Getting into quarrels with a co vehicle driver is such a common phenomenon on our streets. I have seen people getting up from their seats as soon as the airplane lands on ground. Even when the airplane is still in taxiing people seem to get up and start lining up on the aisle. Why? Why are we in such a hurry? What is this impatience? People are dying on roads coming under the wheels of speeding vehicles. Attention to detail has become a thing or past. Everybody just wants to finish things even before they have started. Why? Something is wrong for sure.

Restlessness is a worry

Restlessness is a state of mind and a deeply rooted habit in us. This habit is the reason for our weird behavior and the impatience in us. What are we so restless for? Why are we so impatient? The simple answer is that we the world around us is moving so fast that we fear failure if we do not keep pace with times. We are ok to compromise on quality of work as long as we meet our deadlines. None of us take time to sit and introspect. We do not make a priority list in our minds. Never do we realize who are our true friends and enemies and we are never thankful therefore to our relationships.

Life has become a challenge and stress has become a norm. Busy India is getting busier day by day because competition has gone up manifolds. There is no stoppage to the surge in population and therefore unabated competition.

Someday hopefully this vicious circle of life will stop and people will say Relax! There is no hurry.

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