Parenting in India has always been a hands-on affair. From the dawn of time, Indian parents have been asking, “Where did that 1 mark go on your Math exam?” But jokes aside, the parenting style of Asian parents, in general, has always been seen as very involved, and in some cases, a little over involved.

Parenting then…

Ask your grandparents about how they used to set rules for your parents. Compare it to how your parents set rules for you. It is not hard to see the difference. Back in those times, there was no technology to distract the child or parent. Therefore, there was a lot of outdoor activity involved. With the age of smartphones and tablets upon us, we must consider how our generation will deal with our kids.

Social Stigma attached to parenting

While parenting has evolved greatly over the years, the concept of Log Kya Kahenge does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Even though the current generation of parents is very aware of how fickle and hypocritical society can be, they still choose to act and make their children act in a way that looks good to the rest of the world. With stories of parents supporting their children in everything from interfaith marriages to non-traditional career choices, Log Kya Kahenge seems slowly to be fading into the distance.

Discomfort of nuclear family

One of the bigger changes in parenting is the change in childcare facilities. The migration of families to urban areas sometimes leaves joint families fractured and divided into multiple nuclear families. These nuclear families are relying more and more on daycare services. Leaving your child in the hands of someone else is hard, but with the lack of parents and grandparents in today’s urban nuclear families, that is all they have.

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Improved ways of parenting

Communication channels can definitely be seen opening up between children and parents. Although the dialogue about sex education, dating, and other taboo topics is still whispered, there is hope. Parents are slowly more open to listening to their children explain their choices and decisions. Children, on the other hand, expect parents to be supportive.

Technology also plays an important role in parenting, more importantly in communication between child and parent. New parents use their phones to keep their children distracted while seasoned parents use their phones to ensure that their children are not distracted. All in all, technology is a boon for the new age parent.

The pressure/desire of settling down

The pressure to succeed, however, remains. Although with good intentions, parents insist on their children taking a well-paying job so as to “settle down” in life. There are some things that definitely don’t change, one of them being our parents’ desire to see us secure.

What parents should remember is that children now expect to be given answers to. While your parents would never have thought to question their parent’s actions, your children are likely to question what you do and expect honest answers.

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