History has seen Indian and China turn from peaceful and sharing neighbors to sworn enemies. Apparently, it seems like the mounting trade shortfall between the two countries is the reason of the embitterment. But the grave tension lay in the South China Sea, if that’s not all, the later is insecure about the former’s ties with the US and Japan. On the flip side, the former is losing its sleep over the later’s support to Pakistan. There are, however, yet more massive evidences etched in history that prove Chinese are a foe to India.

1962, Indo-China war

The Sino-Indian war was the result of a dispute over a borderline, McMohan line across the Himalayan region. The controversy sparked when India granted asylum to Dalai Lama in the year 1959 during the Tibetan uprising. The failed launch of political accommodation on the disputed territory prompted the Chinese military to fire salvo and Ladakh, Rezang, Chusul and Tawang. However, under the said circumstances India launched the Forward Policy according to which Indian army had to patrol and create outpost in disputed territories. Such a lean patch in history the policy was, India lost to China and Chinese withdrew from the disputed area launching a ceasefire in 20th Nov, 1962 after taking a large part of Arunachal Pradesh now known as Aksai chin.

Sino India war

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China’s unnerving support to Pakistan

The ever-so-talked-about pact between China and Pakistan rather consolidated a notch more after the Sino-Indian war when Pakistan thought Chinese would be a counterweight to Indian impingement. They share a very strong co-relation in economic, military, diplomatic fronts. Worse, China even supported Pakistan during the 1971 Indo-Pak war of Bangladesh. May be the fact that India is a Nuclear power keeps china at the edge of the seat and they extend their support to Pakistan some more.

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Sri Lanka receives funds for building warship ports

China muscled in when India was absent in funding Sri Lanka to build ports in Indian Ocean. It is now aiding Sri Lanka to build military ports under the veil of container terminals. Sri Lanka rubbished the chances of military operations in the port. But Indian diplomats are smelling a rat because 60,000 tonne aircraft careers are underway. China’s also chalking out a PLAN career Task Force on permanent station in the Indian Ocean by 2035.

Indian Warship

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China’s hindrance in India’s entry in NSG

Both China and Pakistan are antagonizing India’s entry in the Nuclear Supplier Group. Although backed by the U.S, India is facing colossal hindrance for both the countries. Presumably, Chinese government wants to see Pakistan as one of the member nations in the NSG. No denying that the membership could take Indian repute to great lengths. But China is hellbent on making India sign NPT, that to ensure Asia’s security.

Dalai Lama, the source of tension between the Asian giants

During Chinese uprising in Tibet, Dalai Lama fled the scene. Chinese government hence named him a ‘splitist’ who wants Tibet separated from China. From the horse’s mouth, Dalai Lama claims he supports ‘meaningful autonomy’ rather than outright independence from China for Tibet. However, China’s intolerance led him to leave.

dalai lama

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