I am tired of meeting chicks with problems. Even though there is nothing seriously wrong with them, I am unable to give them my commitment. Things I love:

  • listening to them ramble about everything under the sky.
  • how they take an hour to dress up and how their hair smells of shampoo.
  • the click-clock sound their heels make. I love watching them apply mascara.
  • the way they set their hair every five minutes.
  • the freshly waxed legs.
  • how they get irritated.
  • footsies in the library.
  • giving her a hickey. I love all that. But the problem is commitment! Afterall, I love them all.

Commitment Phobic

At the age of 14 – Lucy Fallace

She was too clingy and called me every ten minutes to check where I was. How can one live with a stalker?

15 – Marissa Abraham

Bad kisser. Bad breath in the morning. Nobody should have to put up with that.

16 – Livia Patel

And I thought she is the one for me. Pretty, smart and sarcastic. OHH how I loved her! But psychology fascinated her more than me. So, she flew off to California leaving me devastated and heartbroken on Juhu beach.

At the age of 17 – Kashvi Bhatti

She and her never ending stories about how her neighbour’s aunt’s dog was killed in a road accident. Bleh! Maria Dremblin– Maybe. If only she didn’t fall for a high school jock and dumped me for him.

18 I became Major 🙂

Maya Shangari – She talked about her ex-boyfriend more than anything else in the world. So, no!
Reema Das– Her chemically straightened hair reminded me of a horse’s tail. Cannot! Just cannot!
Aishwarya Shekhar– I don’t know how or why but we broke up over Facebook.

At the age of 19

Amisha Choudhary– Bad in bed. Bad BJs.
Karuna Uppal– Hook-up of the year. 34Fs.
Her boring personality irritated the hell out of me.


Kamya Rajesh– Too loud. Too outgoing. Too boisterous.
Laura Drure – This Barbie doll with brains is the one. I was sure.

At the age of 21

Laura– Still with her. See I told you.

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Laura got predictable and boring and repetitive, and commitment demanding so…
Peenaz, Lina, Shaina, Toocie and many others.

Commitment Phobic

I could go on listing shortcomings in each girl I dated but that won’t solve my quest for the right one. I pushed away every girl by digging deep to find something wrong with her even though she was perfect in her own way. They weren’t lacking anything. I was a coward. I didn’t have the courage or will to commit to anyone of them. Commitment phobic? Maybe?

The thing was none of this ever felt wrong. Maybe I wasn’t waiting for the right one and just wanted variety interim. Or maybe, I wasn’t commitment phobic? I was experimental. Sometimes it clicked. Sometimes it didn’t. I try not to hurt these girls as I love each one of them, EQUALLY but Commitment Ahhahahhahhahahahha No!

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