It doesn’t take rocket science to understand the advantages of drinking water. While thumb rule says 8 glasses per day is good but sometimes we may need more than that. An athlete sweats more and he needs to replenish the loss of water so he may need more than 8 glasses. A not so physically active person may do good just with 6 glasses a day. Our body holds about 60% of fluids which has to be balanced for good healthy living. A balance can only come about when we understand how much of water needs to be taken in comparison to how much is going out.

Our body gives out fluids in various ways, the most common being sweat and urine. There’s also skin evaporation which dries your skin and also the former two can cause dehydration. Your mind indicating thirst is your body telling you to check your fluid levels and to drink some to maintain the balance that is required.  Here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Drinking Water

Water is the remedy for keeping all ailments at bay. In fact most of the ailments begin from toxins which are not flushed out of our body because of inadequate water intake. Water is the medium which carries waste from the body and deposits it into the kidney & liver for purification. There are many other advantages of drinking water like:

  • aids digestion and keeps the skin soft and supple
  • regulates bowel movement and also makes you feel fresh
  • helps to control breakouts on the skin and give it a natural glow
  • infact water also helps in keeping mood swings away!

Since our body needs fluids to maintain a balance of 60% everyday, we must drink water at regular intervals. Apart from water fluids like fruit or vegetable juices are a good alternative too. To make it an interesting element, try the flavoured water as well. These are naturally flavoured with Strawberries, mint, cucumber and many other varieties and they give the extra nutrients that you might have lost in the course of the day.

Advantages of Drinking Water

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Although over dosing on liquids seems rather bizarre, it is sadly the truth. Hyponatremia or excessive fluids in the body can be fatal enough to cause death! There have been quite a number of cases that have proven how too much water can kill. When a person intakes too much liquid in the body it floods up the blood which can be fatal. Also, the kidneys in humans can’t function when there’s too much fluid in the body as they can’t flush out excessive amounts of liquids faster.

There has been a case where people who’ve rigorously worked out and tried to rehydrate have just dropped dead after a while when they’ve taken in too much water content! The symptoms start with vomiting, fatigue, headaches and eventually death when the water begins to damage the brain cells.

Just like every other element, water too has a good and bad side to it. Watch where you tread and be wise about the amount of fluids you intake in a day.

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