Have you reserved this weekend for going out on the first date with a special someone and are confused about what to wear? I bet you have tried out every piece of clothing you own, but nothing seems to work out does it? I know that feeling, trust me. Even though your wardrobe is probably overflowing with dresses and skirts and fancy outfits, now it looks like you have nothing! Wait up! Do not go on that shopping spree just yet and burn a massive hole in your pocket. Chances are you are not even going to wear that super expensive designer dress that you bought. Worse still, you might end up wearing it and feeling uncomfortable in it.

I am no fashion expert, but I do not think wearing new clothes on the first date or experimenting with some new look that looked absolutely irresistible on the magazine is a good idea. You should wear something that you are comfortable in and not something that you are not used to yet.

Date Night Dressing

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But of course if you are (unlike me) confident enough that you could carry off anything then go for it without a second thought!

What to wear

Next comes the question of what to wear? That of course depends on where you are going. If it is a casual coffee date or maybe a brunch, then I feel you should keep it simple. Over dressing is a big no no! If your comfort outfit is a pair of jeans and top then just stick to that. But make sure you wear your best pair of jeans and a nice elegant top; not ones that have started to fade because you wear them every day to work. I personally am not a make-up person, so on a date like this I think I would be good to go only with a dash of winged eyeliner or a good brand of kohl. If you however love to apply make up, then you could maybe add a bit of gloss to your lips and if you are feeling ambitious then perhaps a nice shade of lipstick. But that’s it.

Decide Basis the Location of the Date

If you are going to a fancier place – say a fancy restaurant or a lounge – then you obviously cannot afford to be that casual. Choose your outfit with care. Know your body type and what suits you; only then pick out your clothes and make sure to accessorize yourself. However, do avoid extremes. For example, if you are wearing a neckpiece and a bracelet or bangles, then avoid wearing earrings or if you are wearing gaudy earrings then avoid wearing anything else. Also, don’t wear just drab and dull colors. Assuming you are wearing a LBD (which can never go wrong) make sure your accessories are colorful. Perhaps, add a red scarf to give it a nice dash of color. Make sure your shoes complement your dress (complement NOT match). Wear make-up but make sure you do not over do it. Last but not the least use the best perfume you possess and you are good to go.

Now get out there and turn a few heads girl!

Date Night Dressing

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