The concept of fast food has also evolved very fast. The late 90’s saw the origin of these when both partners started working and home-cooked food became a burden. The term ‘fast food’ itself gives away the message that food was to be made convenient and time saving. Another interesting name coined for these meals are ‘junk food’ which offer a different interpretation of this kind of food. Coined in the 1972, this label became popular as the food provided as fast food was seen equivalent to junk. The term ‘cheat food’ was also popular till 1916. So why are we still consuming it?

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The answer lies in the appeal of these products. The taste and the makeup of these products are the key ingredients what makes them so captivating. The producers spend massive amounts of money just to get these elements correct.A product is selected on the basis of its texture, crunch, popularity and other things while most importantly it is judged by how suited it is to eat while working or how quick it can be served.

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It appeals to us because it is ‘easy to get’ and ‘easy to eat’ food. The producers take great care in establishing a perfect balance of taste which is bound to strike our senses to make us come back and demand for more. Their work doesn’t end in providing us with a balanced taste but they also need a glamorous packaging which is endorsed by influential people whom we admire. The money spent on these lavish advertisements appeal to our taste buds and the desire to consume these products does not subside until and unless we have satisfied our hunger.

Following are some fast food data that will boggle your mind:

1. The food and beverage industry spends around $2 billion per year on marketing for children.

2. It is also seen that 98% of the food advertised are high in fat, sugar and sodium content.

3.Approximately 79% of these are low in fibre.

4. 50 million burgers are consumed throughout the year only in America.

These stats give us the idea how well the junk food has infiltrated our system.

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Absolutely Unhealthy For The Body

There is nothing wrong in demanding food that can be prepared quickly and easily. The problem lies herein when we leave behind the nutrients in the race of our fast moving lives. The fast food is served fast because it is kept semi cooked before it is served. It is assembled and served to us. Some food items are packaged and preserved for future consumption. These food items usually contain high amounts of fats and carbohydrates which results in high blood pressure and obesity.

The regular consumption of such high calorie food invites various diseases. Regular intake of various soft drinks causes health hazards like obesity and a crash in blood sugar level. The consumption of such products provides us with a great feeling of satisfaction but also entails large number of health risks.


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Fast food has made our lives easy. It has given us a way to produce food for a large number of people in a very short time. It has enhanced the taste of the food and made it visually attractive but has jeopardised the human health. We should soon find out a way to turn the fast killing food into healthy fast filling food.

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