Alcohol is a mood altering substance, which is why it makes you ‘drunk’. There is a streamlined process of absorption that takes place when you drink alcohol. Firstly, alcohol reaches the digestive system, just like food. From there, it does into the blood stream. Since it is a liquid, it does not take as long as food to be broken down and goes to the blood stream quite fast and easily.

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Blood flows everywhere in the body, and so, the blood carries the ‘ethanol’ from alcohol to your brain. Ethanol is the chemical which causes the high. Ethanol contents vary from one type of alcohol to another. It is very high in Absinthe and very low in Beer. Once the alcohol enters the brain, it can have varying effects.

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Effect of Alcohol on the brain

The brain has different areas to control different activities. Ethanol molecules are very small and slip in between blood cells, and start affecting neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that relay messages and have a role to play in emotions and thinking. Therefore, when we drink too fast, we start to lose inhibition and blurt out things.


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Later, if we continue to drink, alcohol reaches parts of the brain that control speech and movement, and that is why, our speech starts to slur, vision may blur and also movements may become sloppy. As it reaches the frontal lobe, our judgement starts to get affected: we can’t think clearly what to do and not to do – including stopping drinking!

Harmful Overall Effects

Also, since alcohol is an acidic substance, not having start along with it can cause easier and faster absorption and so, you may get drunk much more quickly than your brain or body can handle. Secondly, it can give you hangovers as well as acidity next morning!

Effects of Alcohol

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This all sounds so grim.

Is there any way you can enjoy your drink without worrying too much?

Yes there is.

Firstly, use water as a diluter along with soda or other fizzy drinks. Make sure not to exceed the standard of a drink an hour, especially the ones heavy in ethanol. Also have sips of water in between.

Secondly, have breads or other starchy substances as you drink. Have this along with your regular chakna. This will save you from acidity, hangovers and getting drunk too fast, by slowing down the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream.

Make sure to have a glass for yourself which you refill, instead of drinking from different people’s drinks. This ensures that you know how much you’re having. When you are drunk and/or drinking, calculations don’t come easily. So make it easy for yourself by having one glass to keep track off.

Make sure you do not have to take any decisions post-drinking which require a lot of sharp judgement like which is the safest cab to choose etc. Do all this beforehand and keep.

Lastly, listen to yourself, if your mind and body are saying you have had enough, then stop there. Don’t get pushed into drinking because of what others say.

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