If I offer you an apartment, a car, a well paying job, food, clothes and gadgets, would you say a no to them? Even if you already have these, would you deny them? Despite having all the materialistic necessities are you a satisfied soul? Do you feel all your wants are fulfilled? When materialism is fulfilled we start the quest for emotional hunger. We want a companion and honest lover, a good friend, friendly colleagues, enjoyable work environment and so on.

Do Wants Ever End?

The onus is on us to ask ourselves what do we want and how desperately do we want it. Is the need genuine or just an impulsive desire. Most of the time, we get carried away by what others possess and desire to own them. We make their goals as our aspiration and then we begin a mad chase for it.

My friend owns a big lavish house, a high end car and all state of the art gadgets. When I visit him I feel happy surrounded by such expensive things. However when I come back home, I feel absolutely comfortable with my own lifestyle. I do not see the need to have a house bigger than what I already have. My conscience does not allow me to buy a car worth crores when Indian conditions are not conducive enough for me to really experience all the USPs of such cars. I do not see the need of owning a gadget beyond my phone and laptop because my needs are only so much. But that is me.

Do all of us have such restraints?

Don’t you feel we expect a lot from ourselves? We get carried away by our emotions and indulge into a lifestyle which was not really our preference in the first place. When we make someone else’s dream as ours, we forget that we do not think like them and we do not react like them therefore the path to fulfill those desires is not going to be as easy as it was for them.

This is the sole reason why stress arrives in our lives. We become something that we are not and we begin to want things that we don’t need. Our wants make our minds complex and we do not know how to come out of it. Matters get so complicated that we begin to feel a pressure of maintaining some sort of a social status.


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Well, let me tell me tell you one thing, we do not even know why are we born onto this planet, forget anything else. And all these inventions happened because people were/are curious but lazy. We invented and innovated things to fend for our laziness aka comfort. However, life is not about owning these things, life is meant for a much larger purpose and we all need to find out something bigger and more value adding.

A happy and peaceful life is surely possible if we spend more time appreciating and accepting the things we have and little less time on thinking of how to gain what we don’t have. Think about it!

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