Is a holiday just about packing the right things and arranging tickets? If you have had an unsettling or unrelaxed feeling after a vacation, that means that holidays need to be suited to one’s personality. So what does your holiday choice say about you? Below are some holiday choices and what it says about your personality:

If you like the  mountains :-

Then you have a non-conscientious personality. Non conscientious people are not so rigid and thus tend to be fluid in the holidays they choose and how they enjoy them. They are ready to try unusual ways if it means they get to have more fun.  Such people are more likely to choose more destinations that have a lot of excitement and adventure. They prefer to go out, try different places and explore them as much as you possibly can. These places usually involve being in the great outdoors such as trekking on mountains, going to exotic locations. They prefer to click a lot pictures and capture them as memories to remember. By nature, they are more open to variety and welcome the any surprises that the trip might throw in their direction.

If you like seas and waterbodies :-

Then you have an open and fluid personality, but you also have a very calm core, or maybe seeking calm at that point. You are someone who likes to spend time with yourself, with your thoughts and your memories. Even with people, silences don’t make you uncomfortable. You are also adventurous and playful in your own way.

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If you like visiting new cities :-

Then you are more of a conscientious personality. The conscientious people rigidly believe the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ of life and though this may help them live an honourable life, it can make them come across as somewhat stuck up at times. They believe that certain places must be visited and explored at any cost. These places include places like large cities and metros, go to famous clubs and parties and explore the places they’ve visited as much as they can. As far as holiday destinations are considered, they would try the safest route always and irritate their companions with repeated checks again and again. Cities are also the choice of extroverts.

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If you like tried and trusted locations:-

Then you have a very apprehensive personality. An apprehensive person may not like a lot of change and may go for familiar places or a place with lot of connectivity rather than a remote location. They would plan and control things in advance, meaning it would be a location without much unpredictability. Such a personality would probably seek food that is similar to the home-tasting food. They would like to plan the trip in a lot of detail and do not like surprises or sudden changes. This means that closed people are more likely to go for the more typical holiday destinations just because they are tried and tested. Events such as art galleries and churches would be preferred over going to clubs and parties.


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If you like visiting new and unknown locations :-

If you like going to locations which are relatively unknown and not a famous touring destination, then you have a very open personality. Open people would be open to variety, to delays, to postpones and to whatever the trip brings for them. They would be okay to choosing or changing the destination last minute and also to try new things. They would also be quite excited about using unusual means of transportation and trying different routes which are not traditionally used.

Therefore, personality goes just beyond one’s choices and clothes and affect decisions like holidays which cost time and money. To make sure that you are making the right choice, understand your personality and your choices as well as what makes your companions tick, and then choose accordingly. Budget, time and other practical considerations should then be made for this personality-holiday list.

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