Wellness is a relative statement. It depends how well a person is at any point in time. One can be well doing nothing, while the other can be fine toiling hard. It is tricky to define well-being or at least imagine the state of being well. Any instance which provides joy, comfort or confidence can loosely be termed as wellness. It is a comfort zone which we want to be in for our good. But the burning issue is, are we really keeping good or faking it just to be content from within?

Our lives have changed drastically over the last few decades. New, complex and challenging elements have emerged over the years making our lives much more complicated and rusty.

Challenges Posed to Our Well-Being

  • We have become competitive on all fronts. We are jumping on the bandwagon and encouraging the never ending rat race in lieu of miniscule opaque benefits such as fame, money, status and prestige. In this process, we are affecting our upcoming generations.
  • We have embraced sophistication so much so that we cannot live without luxuries. With the easy access to bare necessities for all, it has become tough for us to settle for the minimum. These days, we cannot imagine our rooms without air conditioners, unbranded goods in our wardrobes or spending our birthdays by cooking homemade food.


  • We expect to receive benefits without any roadblocks. The way technology has turned out some stupendous results and gifted us with laziness, at times, it becomes quite ‘a big deal’ not to access our mailbox if the internet goes down or not to connect with someone due to cell phone battery drain out.
  • We have stopped thinking easy. Doubts and gray areas have clouded our minds heavily, and we often deter to call a spade a spade. We are so much obsessed with grapevines and skewed thoughts that there is hardly any room for straightforward thinking.


  • Knowingly or unknowingly, as a result of the above occurrences, we have started inviting stress in our lives. A day without stress or pressure is of no charm to us.

Quite interestingly, we have identified some of the following remedies to fight out these situations:


  • We have found peace by joining meditation centers and been able to keep stress at bay.
  • The gymnasiums and yoga centers have mushroomed to divert our minds from the daily hassles of life at least for sometime, if not for ever.
  • We find solace when someone rubs aromatic oils over the body in the pricey rejuvenation spas.
  • We stick to sleeping pills when the burden takes a toll and enjoy a forced rest submitting all issues and obstacles.


  • We join laughing clubs to ensure we are not depressed and keep ourselves happy.

As is evident, we are losing out on originality and preferring to live an artificial life. It has its share of goods and bads, with the latter overpowering the former. However, we still claim to keep well as the word ‘Stressed’ is spelt as ‘Desserts’ backwards.

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